An Idyllic Day

Let me explain how I come up with the theme (category) for the day. This blog is the basis for a book with the same title. The book has twenty-seven chapters. To give me content for each chapter and for daily inspiration, I’ve put the chapter titles on little pieces of paper. Each morning, I pull a chapter title out of my bedside table drawer and use the title as my theme for the day (living as well as writing). After three months (three rounds of chapter titles), I’ll have enough material to start writing the book (don’t worry, I’ll still continue blogging daily).

Today’s theme of “See the Best” couldn’t be a better topic. Actually every day’s topic has been well suited to the day’s situations. But today, I had a perfect day. A bunch of adults and their kids got together in a converted barn for food, wine and conversation (no wine for the kids!). The conversation was in English and French, everyone contributed, the kids came and went, no one hurried, and we ended up spending hours at the table without even noticing it. Then we went down to the river where we made like salmon and tried to swim upstream against the current through mini-rapids.

My best day in France so far.

It’s easy to see the best in a day like today, but if I had not previously been open to seeing the best in things, I might have missed out on today. Some of the things that I could have seen negatively are:

  • Toddlers: I don’t have kids and don’t want them. But I love being around them – they’re so immediate about everything.
  • Three couples and me: Playing seventh wheel is never fun. But they’re all great people and I’m comfortable with where I am in life.
  • My lack of French: I wouldn’t understand everything and might embarrass myself. But the only way to learn is to immerse myself in French and have a good laugh at the mistakes.

I could go on, but you get the idea. I could have very easily excluded myself from one of the more enjoyable days of my life. Instead, I’m very grateful to have had such a wonderful day.

Someday Lessons:

  1. Good things don’t happen spontaneously; they build on each other.
  2. Even little negative thoughts can block good things – don’t let them get in your way.

Lunch Today:
Guacamole, Rice with Chicken cooked in many yummy things (like olives, tomatoes, onions…), Salad & Cheese, Lemon Tarte, Coffee, and Wine (yes, I skipped dinner).


3 thoughts on “An Idyllic Day

  1. Monica Ricci says:

    Alex, my hubby and I just spent Labor Day weekend camping with friends. (Two other couples and their kids) Like you, I could have seen the negative (tent camping with four kids under the age of 7). However, I chose to see the positive and instead, focus on how much I love those kids (even when they are being little demons at times) and remember that they will be grown all too soon. Great blog today! Love, Monica

  2. Garry says:

    And I “planned” a few days away that did not turn out to be physically away but mentally away.

    I went to see a the AFTERNOON! One of those “someday” things.

    And then I “hung out” around favorite coffee shops and read and let the world pass by AND come to me…in the form of an old friend fresh back from Africa.

    Denis Marier stopped and joined me for a pint at an outside patio in the village.

    So bottom line, “being in the moment” means just that!

  3. Alex Fayle says:

    Glad to hear you both had some nice relaxing down time. And good to hear Denis is back safe and sound from Africa. I’ll have to catch up with him.

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