What’s Your Passion?

If you never do something, how interested in it are you?

I’ve mentioned this thought in my past two postings. It’s key to figuring out what you want. When I was twelve, I had so many dreams. I wanted to open a restaurant. I wanted to teach school. I wanted to live in France and write. I wanted to act, to dance, to be a gymnast. And on and on.

It’s like shopping. You might want a lot of new clothes, but considering budget and needs, you focus on one item and pursue it until you find it. I was at a mall recently because I need a new pair of pants (all four of my current ones are close to developing holes). Plus I need a thicker sweater and maybe a fall jacket. Oh and of course I’ll not turn my nose up at a funky print button down.

The latest fashion here for pants is slim fit. That’s fine for the 28-30 inch average waist size for Frenchman my height, but slim fit does not look good on stocky bodies. Thick thighs turn from sexy to sausagey in slim fit pants.

So no pants.

And I wasn’t impressed with the other clothes – at least not enough to spend the money.

It’s obvious that I’m much more interested in pants than other clothes. So now I don’t waste time shopping; I focus my energy on the jeans, and don’t worked up over finding other clothes. I was initially open to anything, but quickly drew my focus into the pants.

That’s what my France dream is – the one dream that stuck with me and that fits so well. Just like that perfect pairs of pants will when I find them.

Someday Lessons:

  1. Your natural enthusiasm and passion will draw together your focus from many wishes to one or two.
  2. Be willing to test out different dreams until you find the one that best fits.

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Passion?

  1. Alex, stick to your pair of jeans and you will be happy since they fit all body shapes regardless of the latest fashion trend. I’m confident if you keep asking the questions, your dream will find you. Socrates said that “Confusion is the beginning of wisdom.”

    Gotta share something with you: I just visited your website and read your last newsletter where you mentioned your trip to France. I was very inspired by everything you said that I decided to contact Garry. He gave me the address of your blog and I’m very excited we will be working together 🙂

  2. Garry says:

    Kudos to Monica.

    Truly, what is the common element to each of our dreams?

    Continue to ask that question and you will discover your passion!

    Then go back and honour your dreams with excitement and joy.

  3. Nada Thomson says:

    Find a nice little tailor and get them to patch the holes in your current pants then use the extra time you have gained (not bothering to shop) and go hang gliding or something like that:)

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