Cheating Myself

I cheated and it stopped me from writing.

According to my own rules for creating this blog, the categories are randomly picked each day. But Sunday I purposefully picked one particular category: living in the now.

I had spent the day in the mountains picking mushrooms. While on the hunt, I started to craft a piece about the patience needed to find the rare porcini mushrooms. I was going to make witty comparisons to magic mushroom hunting on Citadel Hill in Halifax (hearsay only – I’ve never actually picked my own magic mushrooms). And then I was going to describe the culinary joy of cooking my mushrooms and savouring them with a steak. I would have likely thrown in something about the thrill of the hunt and pride in my catch. I even took pictures of everything but the porcinis themselves.

But I couldn’t write it. I couldn’t pick up my book and start writing. It’s fine to break rules, especially when you’ve made them it’s not fine, however, to break from integrity.

When I decided in advance on the topic, I made the blog weaker. I write this blog and choose the categories each day as a way of showing how every action in life can be connected to one of my organizing principles.

I have a specific purpose for the blog and I changed it for no good reason. The system I’d created broke down.

But I’m back on track. Today’s category is a purpose for space. What happened with the blog is exactly what can happen when you break from the purpose of a physical organizing system that already works.

Life as a metaphor for organizing – can it get any better?

Someday Lessons:

  1. If a system works, stick to it.
  2. Change is good, but make sure you stay true to yourself.

Lunch Today:
Creamy Radish & Bacon Soup


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  1. Nada Thomson says:

    You are so cute Alex, really and truly you are.

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