Terrible Parent

Another short post today. I leave in a few hours for a night in Paris then a week in Ireland with my parents. I hope to find Internet cafés along the way to continue posting. If not then I’ll add a bunch of posts next weekend.

When I was finalizing details with my mother, we talked about my cats. The two of them are doing well at my parents’ place, settling in and adjusting well to the other three cats.

I think about my cats, but I don’t miss them at all. I almost didn’t come to France because of them. "How could I give them up?" I thought. I considered bringing them here with me, but decided against it since I was traveling alone. It would have been too traumatic for them (and for me!).

But I expected to pine for them, worry about them, wish they were here with me. But actually I don’t. I think about them, but only casually.

I feel like a terrible parent. They’ve been with me for over ten years. How could I be so callous?

Because I’m practical. They wouldn’t have liked living in an apartment where they can’t go outside. I wouldn’t easily be able to travel like I do. And they get much better taken care of at my parents’ than they would have here.

So, I guess I’m not a terrible parent after all.

Someday Lessons:

  • Something that you think is precious to you might not be. Try living without it for a short period to test it.
  • Giving something precious away might allow you to explore something you never thought possible.

Lunch Today:
Will be Cheese and Crackers on the train.


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  1. Emma Todd says:

    How can you talk about Baron like that? Blasphemy!

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