Junk Overload

Today my dad took me to the family hardware store in Birr, Ireland: W.K. Fayle & Co. Ltd. The store hasn’t been owned by Fayles since the 1920s or 30s but it still has our name attached.

We poked around the store rooms and former apartments above the store. I was horrified! The organizer in me wanted to either run out screaming or gather a crew of twenty people and put the place in order.

You can’t move in most rooms, and in each almost everything is junk. In past visits, my parents have gone through the rooms and taken anything Fayle and historically significant. The rest is crap.

My parents and I discussed me returning to Ireland to supervise packing and shipping the contents of the rooms to Canada, but in seeing the space, my dad decided that there were two things he wanted. The rest as I said is crap.

There are many old old books but they’re hidden amongst other rotting papers and it’s difficult to find any valuable ones in decent shape.

In one way, it’s good they’ve kept everything because we have found treasures over the years, but aie! I don’t want to be the one to clear out the junk, which seriously needs to be done. The dry rotted and worm-eaten wood is beginning to me the building unsound – another decade and I’d say the place will be unsafe to enter. Which is a real waste of a beautiful old building.

Someday Lessons:

  • If you’re going to collect stuff, keep it organized and catalogued or it’s just going to become crap.
  • Clutter impairs maintenance which creates greater long-term costs – in complete renovation needs.
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