Organizing Recipes

Whenever I cook, I create space.

I cook like this: I look at what I have and figure out how to use it to make a meal. My Mom taught me to cook like this. She did it out of necessity ā€“ last minute cries of "Oh no! I didn’t defrost the chicken!" required creative solutions.

I do it as a challenge. How can I combine these different foods into a harmonious set of flavours? I create space in my kitchen for the next round of flavours.

If you think of the rest of your life in the same way, you can come up with creative and effective organizing solutions. In the way I that look at fennel, roasted peanuts, rice noodles and limes and think "hmm, a Thai-like meal!", I also look at clients’ spaces and find unusual combinations that suddenly make sense when pulled together.

I cook by tasting each ingredient in my imagination then combining them to see how they would taste together.

I reorganize space by looking at each type of thing and seeing how they all fit together in different combinations until I find the best "tasting" group. Sometimes the group is activity-based, sometimes it’s person-based and sometimes it’s based on the emotional response to each category of object.

Someday Lessons:

  • Consider organizing your stuff in non-traditional ways. And "odd" combination might make the most sense to you.
  • Look to other areas of your life where you create patterns for organizing ideas.

Lunch Today:
Chicken and Blue Cheese Risotto

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