Ship, Prince, Whatever

I almost called today’s theme of "Someday My Ship Will Come In" by a different name: "Someday My Prince Will Come." Thanks to Walt Disney’s Snow White, about four generations of people have grown up with that myth: If we just wait long enough the man of our dreams will come. And as men, we feel that someday after enough searching, we will find the maid whom we will kiss and fall in love with.

I shouldn’t say "we" for the second part, actually. Although I am a man (with increasingly too much body hair to prove it), I fall into the waiting-to-be-rescued camp. It’s the victim trying to sneak back into my psyche in disguise.

When I meet someone, I want to know his intentions. I want to know right away if this is a man I could spend lots of time with (if not forever). I thought that over the past few years, I’d done a good job of eradicating this unattainable ideal of a rescuing prince, but with my latest trip (to visit my energy-boy in Bar le Duc), from the moment I got on the train I started to ask myself "Is he? Isn’t he?"

My body decided for me, or rather it decided that I wouldn’t be allowed to make a decision. On the train, my upper lip started to tingle. By the time I was transferring trains in Paris, I had a full-blown cold sore.

Scratch romance from this trip!

Talking was good. Cuddling was good. But who knows about the rest. Of course I was irritated and frustrated then I calmed down after remembering what my current lesson in life is: to learn patience.

My energy-boy being Middle-Eastern had a different cultural view point on the whole "is he, isn’t he" debate. For him, there was no prince-myth to fight against. He doesn’t need to put me in a mental box right away and keep me there.

The internal organizer freaks out at the concept of non-categorizing. Are you completely mad? I ask myself when considering the idea of non-classification. For an organizer, everything in life needs to be broken down into categories. And this also needs to be done as quickly as possible.

But no, my energy-boy reminded me that life is also about possibilities, about openness and about not pigeon-holing everyone and everything.

So, yes I’m going back in December. I’m not going expecting anything nor am I going expecting nothing. I’m just going. And that is a really scary thought.

Someday Lessons:

  • Talk to people from different cultures to expand your own worldview.
  • Not everything needs to be categorized.

Lunch Today:
Rotisserie Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Carrots


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