Twelve Year Old Alex

When people ask me why I’m here in France, I say "because when I was 12, I decided that someday I’d live in the south of France and write."

Today I’m going to tell you a bit more about that Alex.

He was a freak, one of the first with acne, too smart in a school where dumb was cool. He also still played with Barbies, wanted Fisher Price Adventure People for his birthday and had fake crushes on the girls who were liked by the boys he really had crushes on.

By his classmates, he was used a punching bag to prove themselves. And why did they hit him? (Other than for the above?) Because he liked Bananarama, hated sports and wore pink rugby pants.

And he refused to change who he was.

Whenever he cried about being beaten up or about only fitting in with the other misfits, he never thought "how can I change to be more like the popular kids?" No he thought "what can I do that will make the popular kids realize how cool I am?"

He sought out acceptance, seeing only where he didn’t get it instead of seeing where it was already there. He chose to see himself as unworthy to be accepted, but strangely he always continued to do exactly as he wanted.

He just couldn’t understand why that would bother people.

He still wonders that to this day. He still tries to find acceptance from everyone, refusing to believe that sometimes that acceptance just doesn’t come.

But he doesn’t let that stop him from doing what he wants, what he feels is best for himself.

Over the years he has learned to choose what he wants more and more, filling his life and his time with things that can help him find acceptance within himself.

Someday Lessons:

  • Who you were influences your reasons for actions now.
  • What’s your story? Who were you at age twelve?

Lunch Today:
Sausages, chips and avocado whipped with plain yogurt


2 thoughts on “Twelve Year Old Alex

  1. Jacki says:

    At 12 years old… well I still did play with Barbies but they all had jobs (I think one was a long haul trucker, and another one was an accountant). I was not interested in hair and make-up and I was madly in love with a horse because horses are adorable and boys were only interested in one thing (and that was hoping they were going to get ridden but that had nothing to do with horses).
    I never got accepted with the “Royal Family” (aka popular crowd) because I refused to be clones of them. Although I could build stuff with the techies/geeks I couldn’t hang with them because I didn’t play Dungeons and Dragons. Even though I enjoyed AC/DC and VanHalen I couldn’t hang with the LJPs (leather jacket people) because I refused to smoke, drink or do drugs. I couldn’t hang with the Jocks because even though I was physically fit, I didn’t play a VARSITY sport.
    So, I ended up with the misfits who by FAR had the best senses of humour of anyone and when I look at where all those cliques are now…the misfits are the ones who became the most successful.
    My moral? Don’t change who you are and those who think you are already “really cool” are probably pretty cool too.
    Gros Bisous

  2. Elaine says:

    who was I at age 12? The misfit girl hanging out with the 11 year old Alex – playing hide-go-seek in the dark, and organizing fisher price toys. Man I’d love to play hide-go-seek in the dark again in some big ‘ole house. Hmmmm, going to have to think how to make that happen.

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