Personality Showdown

Writer-Alex and Party-Alex are heading for a smackdown.

Writer-Alex loves Sauveterre where inspiration oozes out of every building, mountain view, and cup of coffee.

Party-Alex says "Eww, don’t get any of that oozy stuff on me. I’m ready to go out."

Even though he’s set to go, I’ve been keeping him locked in a cage. He wouldn’t do well in Sauveterre. The majority of the men he’d talk to wouldn’t appreciate the things he has to suggest to them. Plus they’re too young for him.

The poor guy didn’t get much chance to go out in Toronto either. The last few years, Entrepreneur-Alex was in control of the personality zoo keys, and rarely let anyone else out of their cages.

Writer-Alex does the socializing in Sauveterre, drinking wine with friends, surfing the Internet having written conversations with people, and talking to everyone about future writing plans.

But Party-Alex can sense impending freedom. One week today starts a three-week trip that includes Paris and Barcelona. Plus Party-Alex’s traveling companion is Party-Cate, who can outdo anything Party-Alex can think of.

Writer-Alex is going along for the ride and has insisted on time each day for writerly things. Party-Alex has agreed to that. He’ll need the rest anyway – he’s out of practice.

The question is: come January, will Party-Alex go quietly back into his cage?

Someday Lessons:

  • Your situation changes what aspects of yourself you can express.
  • Acting in the moment isn’t always possible – reality has a habit of getting in the way.

Lunch Today:
Steak with a baked potato and sautéed red peppers.


One thought on “Personality Showdown

  1. Nada Thomson says:

    If party Alex does it right then he will gladly hand over the reigns!

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