The Time Fairy

Once upon a time a man who did too much was cutting his manicured lawn, when he spied a dandelion, a bright yellow dandelion daring to stick several inches up above the grass.

He went into his tool shed for his dandelion removal tool. By the time he was back, the dandelion was gone.

No, it was over there. He’d just forgotten where it was.

He walked over to the dandelion and bent down to use the tool on it, when it moved. It wasn’t a dandelion. It was a thin little person with dandelion yellow hair.

"Come to join me?" the dandelion man asked.

"Join you?"

"Yes, I’m having a nice wander through the grass. It’s quite fun, sort of like wading through a flat green ocean. Look! I can even pretend I’m drowning."

The little dandelion man threw himself into the grass and waved his arms around for a moment. Then he jumped up.

"Your turn."

"I’m playing squash in half an hour, then I have to go into the office and catch up on some work for Monday. Then after that my wife and I are having people over for dinner."

"That sounds really boring. Wouldn’t you rather play in the grass? You’ve spent so much time on it."

"You wouldn’t understand. You’re only a dandelion man. I don’t have time to play in the grass."

The dandelion man pulled himself up to his full height (5.65 inches to be exact). "I am a Time Fairy, thank you very much." He then pulled out a blade of grass and proceeded to turn it into a belt, no a sash, no a cravat. Yes definitely a cravat.

"What does a Time Fairy do?" the man who did too much asked.

"We give people more time," the fairy replied, as if the answer was obvious.

"I could use more time!" the man said. "Give me some."

"You really want more time?"

"Oh yeah! I never enough time to really relax."

"Okay." The Fairy ruffled his dandelion yellow hair and said. "Done."

"Um, thanks!" he said the man who did too much.

The Time Fairy waved goodbye. The man went on with his day. When he got to work, his boss was waiting for him, to lay him off. "Cost cutting measures," he was told.

As he climbed into his car, stunned, the dandelion man was sitting on the dashboard.

"Now can we play in the grass?"

Someday Lessons:

  • Time is finite; you can’t create more of it.
  • If you don’t slow down, something else will make you.

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  1. Jacki says:

    I SWEAR most of the time you write this blog to me personally!
    Gros Bisous

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