A Mind/Body Lesson

Party-Alex is furious,
Self-Pity-Alex is delirious,
Introspective-Alex is bemused, and
Cynical Alex is amused.

Last night, as my sinus infection had improved and my cough had become nearly non-existent, I made plans to go out tonight – my one night alone in Paris. I’d go dancing, get a good flirt going and maybe take someone out for breakfast.

But this morning ("Of course!" say both Self-Pity- and Cynical-Alex), I woke up with a cold sore, no make that two (maybe three) cold sores.

Party-Alex thinks this is a plot to keep him from having fun. He only agreed to a life in rural France knowing that he’d have the opportunity to have fun in a city.

Self-Pity-Alex is practically speaking in tongues he’s so rapturous. What a chance to wallow! The whole universe is conspi–

Let’s put a curtain around his cage and hope that will calm him down.

I’m sure everyone can understand Cynical-Alex’s amusement. It’s not a nice thing. It’s an acknowledgement of the universe’s nasty sense of humour.

Let’s ignore Cynical-Alex too. He’s not helpful.

The me to consult right now is Introspective-Alex. He knows what’s really going on.

He tells me that my mind and body are working together to break me of a habit. The habit of always choosing the hedonistic experience when given the chance. Not that there’s anything wrong with hedonism. All my personalities heartily support it. It’s the unthinking habit of hedonism that’s not good.

As my naturopath likes to say, mind and body are integrally linked. If something is wrong with the spirit (mind), the body reacts. Psychosomatic illness, western medicine might say, but it goes deeper than that.

When the spirit if out of balance (e.g., making choices without thought) then the body responds with illness. Cold sores and a runny nose are the best way to stop me from having any sort of physical encounters. My spiritual imbalance is expressed by a corresponding physical ailment.

And who knows, I might actually learn something from all this…

Someday Lessons:

  • Extreme measures are sometimes needed to break stubborn habits.
  • Mind and body are connected. Ignore one at the peril of the other.

2 thoughts on “A Mind/Body Lesson

  1. Jacki says:

    Hello Self Pity Alex,
    I would like to introduce myself as J2 (aka selfpity Jacki). I would love to invite you to my latest “Pity-Party” which I have been having since the craziness of the holidays started three weeks ago. Although a party invitation might actually cheer you up, think of it as “poor little you, Party-Alex is kicking you out”. Just so that you know, I will send J2 out and you can wallow in your own self pities together.
    Happy and Safe Travels “All the other Alexes”

  2. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Yeah, I can’t really see myself giving up peanut butter and chocolate either to tell the truth, I was just trying to be funny. Obviously my ‘deadpan put on’ is working to full effect! 🙂

    Yes, I found the above blog helpful to read. I also quite like the idea of different selves, which echo’s the ideas of authors such as Hesse and Carroll.

    I don’t think I will give up shaving, but I might temporarily let my beard grow if I get a cold sore or feel one coming on. So thanks for that tip! 🙂

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