One of Too Many

I missed the blog-celebrity boat.

You know the one; it left a few years ago with the early adopters who navigated the blogosphere and tamed it for the rest of us.

Now I’m one of the millions who got on the regularly scheduled blog-ferry that takes the masses out into the known blogosphere.

I’ve just finished reading Julie Powell’s Julie & Julia, about a woman who decided to work her entire way through Julie Child’s first cookbook and blog about it. Within a few weeks she had strangers commenting on her blog. Within a few months she had fans sending her things through the mail and donating to a food fund to cover the costs of the recipes.

Then she appeared in local and nationals papers and on national TV. Finally after the project was finished, she was offered a VERY lucrative book deal. The advance was enough to allow her to quit her job and turn her husband into the lower income producer in the family.

At first I thought I was jealous of her, but jealousy is a very negative emotion and wishes to deny success to the other person. But I’m really happy for her and her success. And the book is a great read (I highly recommend it).

No, I’m not jealous; I’m envious. But only briefly. I wasn’t ready to do this blog or my Europe adventure in 2002. And I’m (mostly) not doing this for fame.

But if anyone does know of an emerging trend that could create that fame, I’m all ears!

Someday Lessons:

  • Others’ successes can inspire or depress – it’s your choice.
  • You can’t change the past, so don’t stress about it.

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