Tag, I’m It

Today, you get to learn five obscure things about me.

Friend/colleague, Monica Ricci, tagged me with a blogging meme (basically a blog-based chain letter). I’m supposed to tell you five little-known facts about myself and then "tag" five other bloggers. The problem is I only can think of three bloggers I could tag, and Monica is one of them.

I spend at least an hour a day reading blogs and other daily websites, but I’m a lurker. I rarely say anything. When it come to the web, I’m a "say something only when it will add to the conversation" type. And saying "I agree!" or "Lookin’ great!" does not add to the conversation.

I have another problem with this meme. I’m an open book. I tell everyone everything. The only things most people don’t know about me aren’t repeatable on a PG-rated blog (then again, most of my friends know that stuff too).

So, after digging deep, here are 5 things few people know:

  1. I was insufferably pompous in high school. I only saw art house films, disdained popular culture, and smoked More Lights (long thin dark brown American cigarettes).
  2. My word geekiness extends to PennyPress and Dell variety puzzle magazines. Many times I’ve considered a subscription.
  3. For all my love of food, my last meal would be at a diner: cheeseburger, fries and a chocolate shake (I’m thinking The Stem on Queen West in Toronto).
  4. My childhood dream careers were rock star, ballet dancer and/or acrobat (okay fine, they’re my adult dream jobs too).
  5. I almost did mathematics in university but University of Toronto only had applied mathematics at the time. And I hate word problems. Math is a language to me, why confuse things by mixing it with another language?

There, so,now I’m tagging:

Someday Lesson:

  • You can’t expect people to react to you if you don’t do or say anything to get them involved.

3 thoughts on “Tag, I’m It

  1. Jacki says:

    Sure I will play the game:
    1) I loved tag as a kid and I still love to play it with my kids although if my husband plays I always lose.
    2) I played the bass clarinet in the high school band for 4 years (we didn’t march, thank goodness)
    3) I sing constantly in my head (and sometimes out loud). This comes in really handy when you need to get cadence on your dressage tests.
    4) I will do just about anything for high quality Belgian chocolate
    5) I really need to spend more time at the piano.

  2. Elizabeth Fayle says:

    I’ll play too, but like my brother I am pretty open about every aspect of me. But let’s see where this goes.
    1. Despite all outward appearances of a strong independent woman, I really just want a man to take care of me (and the earth trembles with the vibrations of outraged feminists)
    2. I CRAVE Double Big Mac Meals.
    3. I only smoked briefly off and on during high school, and never inhaled–how sad is that–but if I’m drinking and someone else has a cigarette, I desperately want one too.
    4. I don’t get poetry. Never have, never will. I can’t even begin to figure out what the poet is saying.
    5. If I was independently wealthy, I would fiddle-fart my day away playing piano, working in the garden, reading…and in a week I’d be bored stupid.

  3. Thanks for giving me something to do today… I guess!

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