Slacker Alex, Slacker France

Today you get two different thoughts forced together randomly.

Slacker Alex:
I haven’t been posting daily and am totally slacking because, surprise, surprise, I’m too busy living in the future, making plans for life three months from now.

I have to let go of the future and get back to the present. I promise to post regularly again!

Slacker France: I was cleaning my apartment yesterday (to have my cousins over for lunch today – my first real entertaining) and lamented how much garbage I produce. In Toronto, I diverted almost everything. Toronto has an extensive recycling program and a green garbage (organic material) program. This mean I threw out maybe one grocery bag of garbage a week instead of one trash bag a week. I wish France had a better recycling program! I feel so guilty throwing it all out.

So now for a connection. What do Slacker Alex and Slacker France have in common? We have each lost sight of the right objective. I’ve forgotten to live in the now and France has forgotten to keep an eye on the future. Both of us are out of balance and we get rid of things in the wrong way.

I can change myself easily, but unfortunately there is very little I can do for France. I already buy as little prepackaged food as possible, so am doing about the best I can.

Someday Lessons:

  • Some times you can do very little about other’s problems other than minimizing your own contribution to them.
  • Look for connections between seemingly non-similar challenges – it will help you highlight things you can do for each one.
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