My Choice, My Grief

Yesterday when I pulled the day’s theme out of my category pile, I read the words, looked at my two-person (ha!) tent set up in a small area of my apartment and nearly cried. I was so upset, I couldn’t write about it.

"Is it precious?" refers to those things that aren’t essential, things you don’t have to have to survive.

When I choose travel and new experiences over comfort and stability, I choose to give up precious things. I’m not going to carry with me the hutch that I bought here just because I think it’s really cool. In coming over to France, I wasn’t going to bring my piggybank collection.

Hutch or travel? Piggybanks or France? Easy choices, but I still need to grieve for the discarded options.

When we get rid of precious things, we prune roots. We dig down into our past and sever ties to events, people and places that no longer have meaning. We send out other roots, but every time we get rid of something that at some point was precious to us, we need to acknowledge it and grieve a little.

So, yeah, I’m totally stoked about giving up my apartment and traveling, but I’m going to shed a tear for the connections I’m severing while I do that.

The funny thing is that while I’m grieving for things acquired in France, I’m finally grieving for things I gave up in Toronto. My choices are finally catching up with me.

Of course, it could just be moodiness brought on by the arrival of snow here.

Someday Lessons:

  • An emotional response to a decision may be delayed and triggered by something later.
  • Sometimes precious things from the past must be discarded to fulfill new dreams.
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