When Did I Actually Grow Up?

Last time I met someone in Barcelona, I needed him to be interested. When I created a future, I did so out of fear. I created a future where he liked me and we fell madly in love. It made me a valid person.

This time when I met someone in Barcelona, I’m simply happy that he is interested. There’s no need and therefore no fear. I can create a future of us together, but it’s only a possibility, a potentiality to be explored like all other possible futures.

It’s the same action: me creating futures, but it’s a different activity. The reasons behind the thoughts are different and the emotional results are different.

Someday Lessons:

  • An action can have different results based entirely on the attitude going into the action.
  • If you face the future without fear, it merely becomes a series of possibilities to be explored, with excitement.
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