A Visit to Zaragoza

Know how I´ve said that I´m a total change junkie and that I love change? Well, that´s only change I initiate, otherwise plans should stay exactly as made.

Of course that´s totally hypocritical of me, but that´s just how I operate.

I got a text message (on my new cell phone) from my Rompot saying that he has a work thing tonight and could I arrive tomorrow around noon instead?

My first reaction was: NO. Tonight or not at all, mister. Then I came back from my short trip to dramaville and decided that I would still go to Spain today, but I would stay the night in Zaragoza, and then go down to Tarragona in the morning.

In my quick phone conversation with the Rompot, he asked if that was okay. I told him the truth as I felt it at that moment, which was I was a bit disappointed. He asked. I replied honestly, but I didn´t explain the reason for the disappointment. Of course I don´t like not seeing him, but in the grand scheme of things I really couldn´t care about one day. The real disappointment came from him changes plans on me! I´m the plan changer. No one else.

Then, as usual when I´m being irrational, I laughed at myself and got over it. I´m spending the night in Zaragoza, a city I thought I´d just drive past. And I stopped for an hour in Huesca where I took some great photos.

So, all´s good.

Someday Lessons:

  • No matter how hard you try, you can´t control everything (especially other people).
  • Always be ready to create alternate plans at a moment´s notice.

4 thoughts on “A Visit to Zaragoza

  1. I know exactly how you feel Alex. Try living the Army Life. I have no control over where I live nor for how long. During posting season (yes, it is an entire season) last year we expected to move from Toronto to Ottawa. Then were told we were moving to Quebec, then Montreal, then staying in Toronto, then finally we ended up moving to Montreal. But we weren’t exactly sure until about 20 minutes before we signed the lease on the apartment. CRAZY! No control. Sometimes you’ve just got to ride the wave.

  2. Amy Mowbray says:

    I don’t like this sort of change either-the kind that leaves you hanging there. I do like the new hair cut change or the new blog header change.

  3. Monica Ricci says:

    Alex, I’m ashamed to say that I’m just like you in that I like to be the one making changes, but I really hate it when my plans get changed by someone or something else. But in my defense, I am learning to be more flexible.

  4. Alex Fayle says:

    I think most people are like this. We like to have control over at least what we do and when.

    Jacki, the army life does not sound fun for a planner, but think of how well you can shine (and I’m sure you do) when the decision is finally made and the organizer in you can start making last minute plans! {grin}

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