A Rainy Visit

Since my parents arrived, it’s rained at least a part of every day.

Wed. 21st:
A drive in the foothills that ended in a walk in the rain.

Thu. 22nd:

A drive in the mountains that was blocked by snow in the pass.

Fri. 23rd-Sat 24:

A visit to cousins’ (without me) that had about an hour of sun.

Sun. 25th:

Doing nothing and deciding to go to Spain.

Mon. 26th:

A rainy drive and a light (rain-free) dinner in Tarragona.

Tue. 27th:

A (rain-free) tour of Tarragona then a rainy drive to Pamplona.

Wed. 28th:

A rainy drive through mountains then a (rain-free) tour of St Jean de Luz where Dad did some shopping.

Thu. 29th:

Coffee with my cousin, a tour of a straw-bale house (on and off rain).

Fri. 30th:

Packing up with the rain stopping long enough to move furniture to storage.

Sat. 31st:

Perfect day after morning rain, taken up with packing, moving and driving to Bordeaux.

Sun. 1st:

Rainy Bordeaux with a tour of the (dry and warm) Museum of Aquitaine.

Sounds dull doesn’t it? But we all actually had a good time. Other than the lack of sun, we had all we needed to keep time from dragging on forever: good food, good wine and good conversation.

Plus my parents are eternal optimists. Their favourite line the whole time was: "It looks to be brightening a little."

Someday Lessons:

  • It’s not worth wasting your time with boredom.
  • Fun can always be had, even during the rainiest of holidays.
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