The Smallest Detail

Fleur (my car) is a great old girl, with an emphasis on old.

From 4pm to 1:30am last Saturday, I did some computer work for a cancer charity group. Unfortunately Fleur had gotten impatient with me and had decided to try to go home on her own. Upon leaving, I found her in the middle of the road, up against another car, looking rather sheepish.

Because she’s older (1991), she has a few idiosyncrasies. For example, if I leave her in gear when I park, she takes longer to start up. Don’t ask me why. There is no logical explanation for it. So I park her out of gear with the handbrake on and with the wheels turned the right way. Except this time, because I was parked on a flat road, I didn’t turn the wheels. Oops.

While I was computering away, Fleur tried to keep the brake on, but at sixteen her strength isn’t what it used to be and the brake slowly released.

The other car’s owners were wandering about the neighbourhood trying to figure out who was responsible for this renegade French car. Another neighbour had seen the accident and notified them, five minutes before I walked out the door! Fortunately they were very sweet and understanding, the same thing having happened to the wife a few years ago.

Their car’s bumper is cracked (what happened to rubber bumpers? that’s what I want to know) and if it’s not too expensive, I’ll just pay for the repairs, otherwise we’ll make an insurance claim.

At least this time I am insured!

Someday Lessons:

  • Sometimes, forgetting just one detail can cause an organized space to turn chaotic.
  • Things will find a way to take up more room than you think they need.

2 thoughts on “The Smallest Detail

  1. Brother Robert says:

    You might find a few minutes of your time will in the long run be cheaper than the repairs…leave the car in gear.

  2. Alex Fayle says:

    Yes, definitely!

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