Streamlining My Stuff

I’ve begun to pare down my stuff and have gotten rid of a few things. I’m also thinking of getting rid of more. Here is my updated list:

  1. All my clothes and towels (I’ve actually added to them)
  2. All my toiletries and medications (I so need to go through this and get rid of stuff)
  3. All my technology bits and bobs (nothing changes here)
  4. The books I brought with me and my writing stuff (I’m tempted to thin this, but am not sure)
  5. My tent (it’s small enough to keep)
  6. An outdoor collapsible chair (this will likely go – the only question is where – maybe my next work site)
  7. My rolled up white board (I haven’t used it but I want to keep it)
  8. My duvet, comforter, pillows and things to cover them (I’m keeping the comforter and one pillow, but giving the rest to the former Rompot)
  9. A small box of kitchen stuff and my kitchen knives (I’m going to keep the knives and give away the rest, except for enough to eat take out without asking for a plastic knife and fork.)
  10. My iron (this stayed at my last work site)

So, the things left in my car are:

  1. All my clothes and towels
  2. Only necessary/used toiletries and medications
  3. My technology bits and bobs
  4. The books I brought with me and my writing stuff
  5. My tent
  6. My rolled up white board
  7. My comforter and a pillow.
  8. A fancy knife set and one set of cutlery.

I look forward to thinning it more.

Someday Lessons:

  • Streamlining what you own isn’t a one-time activity. You need to do it at least once a year.
  • As you practice living in the now, more "someday" objects will become less relevant to you.

3 thoughts on “Streamlining My Stuff

  1. How do you roll up a white board?

  2. Amy Mowbray says:

    Wait, where’s the piggy banks?

  3. Alex Fayle says:

    Janet: My whiteboard is a sheet of white plastic that one sticks on the wall using tacks or stickum. I bought it off eBay and it’s really useful.

    Amy: The piggy banks are still back at my parents. Don’t worry. I’m not getting rid of them.

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