This could be fun

Hello, I am Alex’s sister, Elizabeth, and I have been granted access to Alex’s blog.  Mwahaha!  When Alex asked me if I would like to be a guest blogger while he was on vacation my very first thought was “Sure!” Well, no actually my very first thought was “Vacation? You’ve been living in Europe for almost a year?!” But, I did realize how ridiculous that thought was, because he wasn’t vacationing, he was writing a book, a fact I am immensely proud of him for.  So, my second thought was “Sure!”

Then Alex explained what needed to happen.  Write 150 to 450 words.  Yup, I can do that.  I am rarely at a loss for words and I do write my own stories for distribution to family and friends.  It has to be under one of three categories.  Oh, um, yes, okay.  And you have to come up with life lessons.  Ah, yes, life lessons.  Gee, this is starting to sound like work.  And then you post it the website.  Post? Website?  Sounds technical. I am so not technical.  Okay, sure, I work in IT, but why do you think I became a manager?  Sort of like that saying about teachers, those that can, code, those that can’t, manage.

And so I put off finding out anymore, until Alex nailed me.  “Look, I’m leaving soon.  I have to make sure you are good with this blogging.” So, I met him online, he walked me through it again, and I promised to get right on it.  That was several days ago, and one of the instructions for posting blogs was to go no longer than three days.  He posted on Tuesday, which means I am now officially late.  And I conveniently chose to sit down and write this knowing I had to leave to meet someone, which meant I couldn’t possibly deal with the actual posting process right away.

But you know what?  Now that I’ve started, I’m quite excited about the whole process. As I knew I would be.  Wait!  Have you picked up on some obvious family traits here?  I’m awfully sure Alex has written a similar blog. Of course, my take on it is much more entertaining, because I am pretty sure I am the more talented sibling.

Happy to meet you all, and see you in three days!

Life Lessons:
• Discipline can be fun, especially when it involves taking over your baby brother’s website
• Sometimes things are even more exciting after a period of good old fashioned procrastination


5 thoughts on “This could be fun

  1. Camille says:

    Welcome Elizabeth. Good job on your first post. Looking forward to more 😉

  2. Monica Ricci says:

    Hi Elizabeth! Great to have you here.

  3. Raúl Sevillano says:

    Welcome.. I’ll try to understand..I must learn more english..

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Welcome to Blogville, Blogland.

    Your experience with Alex taking you through IT training over the phone sounds remarkably similar to what I went through LAST summer with Alex. We went through some very basic training and had a few long distance phone calls and in the end I got a WHOLE lot more than I bargained for….and I’m very grateful for it.

  5. John Trosko says:

    Welome aboard!

    I agree with you about the vacation thing!

    – John

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