Looking into the Future

Last week, I visited my former business networking group, the Pride Business Network. At that meeting they were re-examining and restating their business goals. I might not be running my organizing business anymore, but writing is definitely a business. Any writer who thinks otherwise is unlikely to get published.

Here is what I came up with:

Part I: Goal Setting Questions
What do I really want? To get my writing published and for it to sell well.

How has my business changed? (better/not better) My new business (writing) makes me happy and I am passionate about it (so yeah, better).

How has my personal life changed? (better/not better) I’m in love, (soon to be) living in a country and city I love, (again, better.)

What’s really important to me? What’s the purpose of doing this? I will pursue happiness even when it’s not easy because I won’t live a life that’s merely comfortable.

What am I prepared to give up making this happen? I’m doing what I love so there are no sacrifices.

What am I prepared to do to make this happen? Steady, constant work with lots and lots of patience.

Part II: Rating Values:

The following values are important to me:

Physical Values

  • Orderliness – processes help me stay focused
  • Quality of Products and Services – I am a damn good writer
  • Reliability/Responsiveness/Timeliness – I deal with everyone in my life kindly and professionally.
  • Of less importance are: Maximum Utilization of Resources, and Safety.

Organizational Values

  • Communications – In all aspects of my life, open communication is paramount.
  • Cooperation – I will find a community of writers who will support me and whom I will support.
  • Of less importance are: Coordination and Standardization

Psychological Values

  • Continuous Improvement – I’m a damn good writer, but I can always get better.
  • Creativity/Innovation – Again with the damn good writer bit.
  • Customer Delight – My writing will resonate with those who read it.
  • Integrity/Accountability/Loyalty – This is included in the living professionally thing.
  • Respect for the Individual – You can’t get more individualistic than a writing career.
  • Service to Community – This is important, but I have yet to figure out how it will manifest in my life.

My values distill down to:

  • If I’m not happy, time to do something else. (See The Happiness Project for a definition of happiness).
  • I’m a damn good writer.
  • I deal with everyone in my life in a kind, professional manner.

Part III: Goal Development

What will I be doing? I will be living my life as a writer, working towards having my novels published.

What will I learn? 1) Spanish and 2) The ins and outs of publishing.

How much time off will I take? Whatever is given to me by school and through whatever pay-the-bills job I find.

What will I do with my time off? Travel with Raúl.

What will I do to help my community? Not sure – still need to figure out what is my community.

What will I do to create optimum health? I will eat well (focusing on getting enough  fruits and veggies each day). I will exercise several times a week. And most importantly, I will love myself and the world at large.

My Goals:
By the end of winter 2008 I will:

  • be halfway done my second book
  • have at least one short story published
  • be totally settled into my life with Raúl in San Sebastian
  • continue my literary agent and publisher quest for my first book.

What about the rest of you? What’s up for you in the next six months?

(Thanks to Bruce Mayhew of the Pride Business Network for this exercise).

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