Slightly-Obnoxious Opinion Week Day 1

I’m usually a shades-of-grey type, but I’m feeling opinionated this week. So I’m going to throw out black/white statements. I’m looking forward to seeing what you throw back at me.

Statement One: Anyone who hasn’t followed their dream is simply scared to do so and should just get off their butt and do it.


3 thoughts on “Slightly-Obnoxious Opinion Week Day 1

  1. Elizabeth Fayle says:

    Easy for you to say LOL Hmmmm..what to throw back at you? A pie in the face? Humble pie at that. To dream the impossible dream. Oh lord, now I’ve broken into song. Your obnoxiousness seems to have set off a chain reaction. Okay, seriously…scared? Accountable to others? Hmmmm…no clear idea of what your dream really is so not willing to go running off half cocked? Huh, this could be fun. Just how obnoxious can my baby brother get?

  2. Nada Thomson says:

    There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under heaven…

    Until a person is ready, they are not ready, and if they are not ready, then clearly their lives are not ready, so when they feel ready, then likely they are, and their lives probably are too, and if they are afraid at that point, then following through means they are brave. It isn’t bravery unless you’re scared.

  3. “Sometimes a goal isn’t meant to be achieved. It is merely something to aim at.” Bruce Lee

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