A Bad Parent

Moving back to Europe this week meant abandoning my cats, again.

I first left them last August, then I abandoned them again while still in France. My sister had bought my car. After she drove it off, one of my cats, Killy (the calico) sat in the driveway for hours waiting for the car (and therefore me) to return.

Then on Wednesday I left once more. My other cat, Baron (the black and white) punished me by disappearing so that I couldn’t say goodbye. Killy, however, let me smother her with affection.Petsbaron

I spent the last ten days of my Canadian visit at my parents’ place. This included lots of time with my cats, but especially lots of Killy-time. She has a more monogamous nature, while Baron is more free with his affections. The day I arrived at my parents’ in August, my mother remarked that it was the first time she’d seen Killy so happy.

I’m such a selfish man for leaving.

At least they’re with their grandparents and I can still visit them.

It makes me slightly less bad, or so I keep telling myself.


4 thoughts on “A Bad Parent

  1. Nada Thomson says:

    Hope your journey went smoothly!

  2. Alex Fayle says:

    Yes, it was long but completely uneventful, which was great. Thanks!

  3. Alison says:

    Poor Killy Cat! Has she been pulling your parents’ books out of the bookcase?

  4. Alex Fayle says:

    Ha! I totally forgot she used to do that! Fortunately no. She just stomps around the house looking bitchy (which really isn’t much different than how she normally looks).

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