A Lack of Posts

Hola everyone! Yes, I am still alive. I just haven´t been posting very often.

You see, life has settled into a routine and I have nothing exciting to write about.

That is such a total excuse! I´ve just been lazy about my writing. When I was in France last year, I would pick a topic each day from a list and then write about it. I didn´t give myself a choice. I HAD to write.

Now I write when I feel inspired.

That doesn´t work.

So, here is a promise to you. Once I have an apartment and Internet access from more than an hour a day, I will increase my postings to at least once every two days. Until then, I´m going to stick with being lazy and posting when I feel like it.

It´s my blog and I can ignore it if I want to…

Someday Lessons:

  • Even if you enjoy doing something it´s very easy to NOT do it.
  • A routine can be interesting. It´s just a matter of consciously looking for the points of interest.

One thought on “A Lack of Posts

  1. Shane Percy says:

    I was beginning to wonder, lazy ass! 😉

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