Sick Day – Don´t Block Yourself

I´m sick today and feeling too lazy to write. So I´ve gone back into the archives and pulled something from December 2006.


Cate and I share a favourite pastime: walking, so we’ve spent most of our time here in Paris touring the city by foot. Yesterday was an epic day with a total of seven hours of perambulation.

And of course we talk the entire time we walk. During one of the gazillion conversations, Cate said:

I view life as an improv game. You never block.

There are three rules to improv: you never answer a question with a single word or a "no"; you never shut down someone else’s idea; and you should be as creative as possible with your responses.

What a great way to live!

I’ve decided to adopt this attitude for myself.

Plus it’s very practical. For example, last night we turned a simple trip to a restaurant into an epic quest for food. You see, non-tourist restaurants aren’t open on Christmas night in Paris. We wandered along dark, deserted streets, getting progressively colder and hungrier. But we were more amused than anything else. Each closed restaurant upped the challenge. It didn’t stop us, didn’t make us give up and just eat at McDonald’s.

It made us say: "We will find good food!"

When we did (and wow was it good!); our sense of accomplishment and therefore our appreciation of the meal were as large as our combined appetites!

Someday Lessons:

  • Another word for chaos is exploration.
  • Don’t let life block you – find a way to keep the story going.
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