What the Spice Girls Taught Me

At the Spice Girls concert in Madrid last Sunday, Raúl and I went our separate ways.

Raúl went to the floor. I went to the stands. No way was I going to spend the entire concert fighting with a bunch of screaming fans just for the space to breathe and Raúl wasn´t going to waste his concert ticket a million miles away from the stage.

With kisses and good wishes we separated. Using cell phones and much waving, we found each other and spent the time waiting for the concert to start blowing kisses and sending each other text messages.

We each experienced the concert we wanted and when we got back together at the end of the concert we had a different viewpoint to share. It was like being at two concerts instead of just one.

Someday Lessons:

  • Happiness means different things to everyone; don´t expect others to follow your happiness path.
  • Confidence is letting your love do his (or her) own thing while you do yours (and then sharing it later).

P.S. Raúl did give up his chosen locale to watch the encores with me in stands (he even arrived with a bottle of water for me).


3 thoughts on “What the Spice Girls Taught Me

  1. It is for this reason that my husband and I invested in a set of walkie-talkies. It is much cheaper than cell phones for those lovely family events like going to the mall, biking, skiing, science centre etc. when we are always going in separate directions.

    Another thing we always do is wear watches, synchronize them and say, “If we get separated we meet back at {insert designated landmark} at {insert designated time}”. This also works well when you’re with children or a bunch of other people too.

  2. Amy Mowbray says:

    What a fun concert to go to. I hope you have a Happy New Year!

  3. What a very cool to do something each in your own way, yet still together!

    Happy New Year, Alex!

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