You Can’t Please Everyone

On an agent’s recommendation, I sent my novel to an online writers’ circle. Based on the first twenty-odd pages of the novel, I received feedback from one person telling me that it was one of the worst pieces of writing he’d ever read and wished he had the skills to help me correct the mess I’d made of the novel.

This type of feedback could crush me. Or I could dismiss it as coming from someone without any communication skills. Or I could argue with the guy, hoping to convince him that what I’ve written is good.

I chose none of those responses. I thanked him for his comments and asked as a part of my market research for his age.

Obviously not every novel appeals to every person. Many books that I think of as complete and utter crap are bestsellers, are considered works of literary genius, or both.

Still, being the sensitive artist that I am, this guy’s words did sting. I want everyone to enjoy my writing!

Someday Lessons:

  • You can’t please everyone, so don’t try.
  • A person’s negative reaction to something you do often has little to do with you.

P.S. I have received great feedback of the positive variety as well…


2 thoughts on “You Can’t Please Everyone

  1. One of my favourite quotes:

    Nothing anyone says or does in relation to what we create means anything unless it is given and received with love. James Morrison

  2. Nada Thomson says:

    You tell him Jacki! You’re a wonderful writer, Alex so don’t let one comment like that make you think otherwise!!

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