Off The Road Again

I’m a bad man. I’m selling Fleur for parts today.

She’s been a good car and I’ve had a lot of fun with her despite her age. We’ve been together for a year now and have traveled over most of the Pyrenees, the French and Spanish sides.

In cutting back on income and expenses, however, a car does not figure into the monthly budget. I don’t need a car. It is convenient to have one, though. Now trips need to be carefully coordinated, by train, by bus, by going with others. Raul and I will lose some of our freedom without a car.

However, I have a goal. I want to write fiction. This means less time for earning money (in the short-term). To reach this goal, I must give up some things and the car is one of them.

Someday Lessons:

  • When you personify things, getting rid of them is harder.
  • Clear goals make hard decisions easier.
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