Names Have Power

In 1985, Ursula K. LeGuin wrote a story called She Unnames Them. It’s about Eve (and Adam) and the naming of things. It’s one of my favourite short stories. When we name something we define it. We say what it is and what it isn’t. We also define how we act and react around the thing we’ve named

Take today’s theme. I never know what to say on Lazy Tuesday. I procrastinate about what I’m going to write. You’ll notice that many times I’ve used the theme as an excuse not to write anything (here, here, here and here).

I had meant the theme to represent the procrastination part of this blog. It hasn’t turned out that way though. The meaning of the name has mutated and has come to represent something else altogether. I won’t change the name–I quite like it–but I will have to be more determined to write about procrastination and to not procrastinate about writing.

Someday Lessons:
Be very careful about word choice. It can really affect you attitude and actions.
Changing the name of something changes its meaning and changes your approach to it.


One thought on “Names Have Power

  1. Nada Thomson says:

    So true! It makes me think of all the times Jesus re-named his friends while he was on earth and all the places in the old testament where the names of people and places were changed based on something that had just taken place. Very cool…

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