Wandering Through the Past

I have another blog-life outside of this one. I use it to practice my Spanish. It’s called Fotolog. Raul introduced it to me. Each day we post a photo and add text to explain or enhance the photo (My Flog, Raul’s Flog)

Today, Raul talked about Bananarama which reminded me of their first success in Canada: Shy Boy. This song, along with Rough Trade’s High School Confidential and The B-52s Rock Lobster, introduced me to New Wave.

As you can tell by the choice of songs that my introduction to New Wave came about at the same time as I started to realize that I was more than a bit different from the rest of my classmates – that perhaps I might be gay.

Many kids would have hid their love of these songs, but not me. I knew being a fan of Shy Boy would likely get me beaten up, but it never occurred to me to hide it. People’s reactions were their problems. I knew grade school would end eventually and I’d find others who "liked the same music as me."

Thanks for reminding me of my youthful inner strength, Raul!

Someday Lessons:

  • Look back through your life and celebrate the moments you showed more strength than you thought you had.
  • What was one of your self-defining moments from childhood?

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8 thoughts on “Wandering Through the Past

  1. Defining moments include:
    Realizing that I was not like all the other girls
    Teenage Head

    Trooper http://www.trooper.ca/default.php?cat=audio&subcat=5

    Iggy Pop

    Cyndi Lauper

  2. Brother Robert says:

    I have to disagree with you about your “youthful inner strength”. I would say that what could be construed as inner strength was really our upbringing to believe in the imperative of our own opinions.

  3. Nada Thomson says:

    Wow, I totally understood the spanish blog! My very rusty spanish that never actually included reading, is actually not as far gone as I thought:)

  4. Cate M Barnes says:

    Wow, that was a blast from the past! Although my Spanish is pretty non existant I could get the jist of what you said. Also, thank you for the kind word on the other pic of me!

  5. Alex Fayle says:

    Jackie: I’m with you on everything except the Trooper. {grin}

    Rob: Same meaning different words I think.

    Nada: Glad to hear your Spanish is better than you thought – you’ll be able to practice it more when we visit in October.

    Cate: Total past-blast, eh? And seriously, you are the best traveling partner I’ve ever had.

    Cheers all,

  6. Brother Robert says:

    No, not the same meaning at all.

  7. Alex Fayle says:

    Okay, but to me, my “youthful inner strength” came from being taught the value of our own opinions. The core that held me together through the worst years of my life came from the strength our parents taught us.

    Now I could be totally wrong in my interpretation of your words “imperative of own decisions.” Am I off base?

  8. Stacey Davis says:

    Blasts from the past are always interesting. In the Fotolog from 3/30 you’ve got a shot of me laughing up at a scoreboard of my daughter beating the pants off us all while bowling. My daughter has Down Syndrome…bowling is obviously one of her strenghts! Even though I don’t speak Spanish I could get the gist of the blog…neat!

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