Uninspiring Morning Thoughts

Last week I said that I would pay attention to what were my first thoughts each morning and see how they affected my day. Contrary to what I thought would happen, my initial thoughts weren’t influenced by the decision to monitor them – they were as mundane and non-inspiring as anything (except for last Tuesday).

My morning thoughts tend to fall into one of three categories:

  1. Hola mi amor – to Raul if he wakes me up.
  2. I’m bursting! – when my bladder is super-full.
  3. I’m so tired – when I haven’t exercised the day before and therefore not slept well.

This week I’m going to monitor what I think about just before going to bed, since my father said that’s when he thinks happy thoughts about breakfast the next morning. Maybe the thoughts will be more interesting or inspiring.

Someday Lessons:

  • Experiments often don’t turn out as we expect.
  • Keep your mind open and accept the unexpected.

One thought on “Uninspiring Morning Thoughts

  1. Jonszi says:

    I like the first option..

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