Too Polite for My Own Good

This weekend, friends visited from Catalonia (hence the lack of posts Thursday and Friday). With my recent stomach problems and resulting bad moods, four people in a 200sq ft apartment can feel a bit cramped (pun intended). In an effort to refrain from snapping at people, I kept my distance most of the weekend. The emotional distance also helped keep a physical distance from all the bad-for-me food that the others consumed over the four days.

Unfortunately the emotional distance ended up taking a toll on everyone with one guest trying to push into my carefully delineated Alex-only territory. Yesterday she decided to cook – paying us back for our hospitality. And even though I’d explained my dietary restrictions several times over the weekend, lunch ended up having garlic and pepper in it (Raul managed to stop her using white wine). Given the tension in the apartment, I decided just to eat the food without a fuss. After all, the garlic was still in its skin only flavouring the food –  I wouldn’t actually be eating the stuff directly. I’d be fine!


Yesterday afternoon my stomach started to rebel and I got a wicked headache. I went to bed at 9:30 and slept almost ten hours. Today I feel like I have a stomach bug and I’m majorly regretting my I-so-nice-of-course-I’ll-eat-your-food-that-is-bad-for-me Britishness.

Someday Lessons:

  • Health issues supersede politeness every time.
  • Listen to your gut (pun intended again). It knows what’s good for you.

One thought on “Too Polite for My Own Good

  1. Jonszi says:

    En tu casa haces lo que quieres..
    At home you do what you like..You’re the owner..not the guest

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