Flaunting My Imperfections

I strive daily to destroy my ego, that part of me that whines when things don’t go his way, that looks to push himself forward at every turn, and sings "lalalalalalala" when people offer criticism of any kind. You know what I’m talking about, I’m sure. We all have ego-issues.

When I approach a situation without ego, I don’t get offended, I don’t get stressed and I do end up feeling a lot more joy in my life. Everything goes much more smoothly and everybody’s happy.

However, I’ve been doing something very British recently. I haven’t been destroying my ego. I’ve been suppressing anger and I’ve paid pretty for it with a stomach full of acid. From here on in, therefore, I will continue with the ego-destruction for spiritual growth, but I’ll start expressing anger, resentment, fear, and all those other "non-polite" emotions and comments when I feel them start to burn in my gut.

In fact, I’ll revel in it and use the emotions to improve my writing. But of course I’ll do it without being a bitch.

After all, there’s no reason to be rude.

Someday Lessons:

  • There’s a big difference between letting anger go and repressing it.
  • We are all imperfect people – it’s okay to enjoy being petty sometimes.

2 thoughts on “Flaunting My Imperfections

  1. Alex Fayle says:

    Next week I’ll tell you what I’m angry/petty about. Yes, just to be petty I’m leaving you hanging. 😉

  2. Beauty 365 says:

    it’s SO hard to express instead of repress!

    i def. have a really hard time with that, but it’s something i am striving for…

    let us know some of your strategies!

    great blog, btw.

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