Stolen Sense of Peace

Today someone stole Raul’s wallet. It had no money, he noticed within an hour, and he canceled all his cards. There was absolutely no gain for the thief and yet Raul didn’t find the wallet anywhere nearby, discarded for being useless.

The only outcome is inconvenience for Raul. He had to go to the police station and he had to call the bank. He’ll have to take time off work to replace his national ID, health and social security cards. He will also have to spend a long time regaining a sense of security about the world.

All for nothing on the part of the thief who only takes away from the world and yet doesn’t gain anything for himself.

Someday Lessons:

  • What might seem like an easy win often turns out empty.
  • Trust can be broken in the blink of an eye.

One thought on “Stolen Sense of Peace

  1. Jonszi says:

    I’m sorry for the spanish words..
    Que se joda el que me ha robado la cartera porque no llevaba dinero..
    Hay que ser imbecil para robar a un pobre!!

    Someone found my whalet in the street this afternoon!! Didn’t want my 56 cents of €.. he he he..

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