Cheese is Good Food

Starting this past Saturday, for one glorious meal each weekend, I am opening up my diet. This weekend I reveled in cheese. Raul and I had gone to Pamplona to visit a friend. On Saturday we went out for dinner and I started the meal with a cheese salad – lettuce still crispy but slightly warm cubes of a colby-like cheese, a 3-inch by 1-inch wheel of goat’s cheese flash fried on both sides to create a crisp shell, the whole thing drizzled with a white fondue.

My perennial sinus problems prevented me from smelling the dish, but the combination of textures – crispy, crunchy, smoothly grainy, soft and liquidly warm – and the flavours – fresh, pungent, innocuous, and tangy – made worth it every moment of my three months without such foods.

To mop up the last bits of cheese, I used a warm whole wheat dinner roll with a thick brittle outer shell and dense soft innards.

The main course was something I could eat any day: secreto de cerdo, green beans and carrots, so although very tasty, it didn’t send me into raptures.

I ended the meal with a square of blueberry cheesecake consisting of a thin layer of cake, a frothy layer of filling made from Queso de Burgos not cream cheese, and topped with a blueberry jelly. The outside world disappeared while I partitioned off small pieces of dessert with my spoon and melted each morsel in my mouth before swallowing it.

Next Saturday, we’re going to a Eurovision party. The treats the host will serve excite me as much as (or more than) the party itself does.

Someday Lessons:

  • Savouring occasional treats is much more fulfilling than unthinking consumption.
  • Having without anticipating first robs you of half the experience.

3 thoughts on “Cheese is Good Food

  1. Jonszi says:


  2. Nada Thomson says:

    It’s all about balance, eh, Alex? Thanks for allowing me to eat vicariously through you;)

  3. Iñaki says:

    The way you describe it, it sounds like an orgasm. I swear that while we were having dinner I didn’t really notice that you were reaching such level of pleasure. Enjoy next Saturday!

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