Living Change Now

(Part 4 in a series of creating profound and lasting change)

Today I started living the new reality, as if I have already achieved my goal. Therefore, when editing my novel today, I focused on the words, on every detail in the text, but while doing so I kept asking "so what?" The "so what?" refers to the big picture – what does this particular detail have to do with the big picture? I cut out so much text and rewrote a whole bunch other.

The one thing I need to do still, however, is articulate the big picture – actually two big pictures, the novel big picture and the chapter big picture. I know this story deep in my bones, having worked on it for 18 months now, but I want to put it in clear writing.

I don’t look forward to that though. As my sister said in a comment yesterday – we’re divers, not lookers. I know in the long run I will improve my book for doing this exercise before I continue editing, but it doesn’t produce a word count and doesn’t produce any immediate progress.

However, as I said Tuesday, I’ve committed to the process and the change, so tomorrow morning before I start editing the next chapter, I’ll write down all the pieces of the big picture. It’s like hanging a shelf – you can hang it without prepping, and end up making a mess of the wall, or you can get all your tools lined up, beforehand, measure a couple of times, and hang the shelf with ease.

Someday Lessons:

  • Prep work, while it might not look productive, makes later work easier and faster.
  • Make sure your prep work is just that – preparation, not procrastination. It’s easy to turn planning into a technique to avoid doing.
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