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I need your help.

Remember that project I’ve mentioned a few times but haven’t talked about because I actually wanted to get it done?

Well, it’s ready for testing. So just what is it?

Over the past two years I’ve worked hard at getting rid of the word someday from my life and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

There are three varieties of Someday Syndrome:

  • Someday My Ship Will Come In – waiting for the world to provide you with your dreams instead of realizing them yourself.
  • I’ll Get Around To It Someday – procrastinating and thinking you’ll have time to realize your dreams later.
  • But I Might Need It Someday – cluttering your life with unnecessary objects making realizing your dreams more difficult.

The workshop I’ve put together is a nine-week email course based on the first variety – Someday My Ship Will Come In. Through this course you will learn how to choose the dream to pursue, how that dream interacts with your current reality, how to decide what in your current needs to change, and how to get started actively pursuing the dream.

For the first five people who email me at alex DOT fayle AT gmail DOT com, I’ll send the whole workshop at once (instead of over nine weeks) – a $39 value. In return, all I ask for is feedback on the workshop so that I can make it even better.

Someday Lessons:

  • Contrary to what we might think, no one knows everything – ask for help.
  • Listen to feedback with an open mind and without ego.
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