It’s All About Me: An Internet Meme

A whole bunch of people did this verb meme a while back including the Urban Panther, the Urbane Lion, Monika and Cath.

Early this morning I boarded a plane to fly to Paris to see Madonna, so while I’m exploring la belle ville, you get my own version of this all-about-me meme.

  • I am: preoccupied with my new business venture.
  • I think: too much.
  • I know: that I need to know more.
  • I have: a lot of work ahead of me.
  • I wish: that I didn’t have to work so hard.
  • I hate: feeling lazy.
  • I miss: a regular income (but don’t miss the job that goes with it).
  • I fear: that this business won’t succeed.
  • I hear: that a lot of businesses never do.
  • I smell: success (and I like the scent).
  • I crave: external validation (yes, I’m a validation junkie).
  • I search: within myself for growth opportunities daily.
  • I wonder: how long it will take to achieve success.
  • I regret: so many things and yet nothing.
  • I love: Raul.
  • I ache: most mornings (stupid food issues).
  • I am not: going to give up.
  • I believe: that I will succeed (but that I don’t necessarily know what that success will look like).
  • I dance: not enough (limited club scene in San Sebastian).
  • I sing: really badly at SingStar and have a great time.
  • I cry: when I feel any emotion strongly.
  • I fight: when I should probably shut up (I’m working on that one).
  • I win: I have already won.
  • I lose: games on purpose to make others happy.
  • I never: quite believe I work hard enough.
  • I always: spend at least half an hour a day in AlexWorld (It’s such a pretty place).
  • I confuse: myself all the time.
  • I listen: to what people aren’t saying.
  • I can usually be found: in front of the computer.
  • I am scared: that I will always be in debt.
  • I need: nothing more than I already have (however I want a whole lot more).
  • I am happy about: my life in general (even if I have the occasional down day).
  • I imagine: buying a certain villa in San Sebastian, renovating it and living there with my friends.
  • I tag: no one (but if you want to play along let me know and I’ll go visit).

Someday Lessons:

  • A new venture is a scary thing – don’t let the fear deter you.
  • When something is stressing you out, make an effort to look for the things that make you happy.
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27 thoughts on “It’s All About Me: An Internet Meme

  1. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for the nudge. I love that rad pic of yours, you look like a fun dude.

    I give you validation that you rock! (Did you like that?) 🙂

    Nice to get to know you more and if I’m ever in Spain I will go clubbing with you. Both hubby and I are huge clubbers from way back in London when the whole House music scene started. Ack, did I just let on how old I really am. LOL.

    Monika Mundell’s last blog post..Anal Reader Behavior

  2. Oh too funny. That pic reminds me of Nine Weeks.

    Where’s your hat, bro?

  3. @Alex – I win: I have already won. <– beautiful!

    @James – when I first read your comment I thought it was the movie 9 1/2 weeks. *howling with laughter*

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Yep, right after I tidy up the kitchen

  4. Oh, that’s the one I meant! Yes! Damn. Someone needs to edit my comment, crap.

  5. writerchick says:

    Hey Alex,
    I like this meme – it’s telling in an interesting way. My favorite was that you listen to what people aren’t saying. Very astute, I believe you. What a cute picture of you.


    PS: have fun in Paris

  6. @James – um, so is Alex Mickey Rourke or Kim Bassinger? Okay, never mind. Don’t answer that.

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Yep, right after I tidy up the kitchen

  7. @ Urban – I’m so tempted… but I won’t.

  8. @James & Panther: Behave.

    Harrison McLeod’s last blog post..Rewriting Your Writing: How to Be a Better Writer

  9. Okay, you know what? I had to come back and say something because I felt guilty.

    Alex, you made me laugh this morning – in a good way. Seriously. I honestly think that picture makes me think of someone who just looks so damned happy in the moment and relaxed that I envy you a little. It’s fun, it’s playful and it’s a very real picture of a very real person. Thank you for sharing it, seriously.

  10. @Harry – killjoy!

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..Yep, right after I tidy up the kitchen

  11. Haha. . . I did this meme myself a few post ago after reading Cath’s, the bold biscuit-obsesses skinny dipping business adviser.

    Alex, I’d say relax and let yourself have more fun . . .

    Akemi “spiritual entrepreneur” @ Yes to Me’s last blog post..Gratitude Friday, Edition 13, Gratitude And Train For Humanity

  12. Marelisa says:

    So Alex, how did you end up in Spain? As long as you’re sharing . . . 🙂 As others have said before, I like that photograph.

    Marelisa’s last blog post..40 Tips for Getting Along With Your Significant Other

  13. Love the pic. And I wonder how many of us self improvement types think too much. It seems to be a common affliction.

    This is a great meme. I also did it after seeing it on Urban Panther’s site. Mine’s at:

    And I want to hear the tale of how you ended up in San Sebastian. I went to Spain recently for a few weeks, but never made it there.


    Kelly@SHE-POWER’s last blog post..What’s Your Favorite City in the World?

  14. steph says:

    I did this meme a while ago! Wow, Alex, reading yours I kept thinking, me too, me too! So much of your personality comes out here. I wish I could know you for real. We have very many similarities, the same fears, contradictions, cravings…

    Really love the pic, by the way. You look carefree. But I have to admit, what most intrigues me is the view outside your window! (And that we have the same kitchen table, at least the legs. In fact, your place reminds me of the apt we moved from in Jan.)

    steph’s last blog post..Friday Focus

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  16. Amy Derby says:

    How much do I love that you’re going to see Madonna? Let me count the ways…

    When you buy that villa in San Sebastian, please invite me for a visit. 🙂

    This is a fun meme. Love it!

    Amy Derby’s last blog post..Fiction Friday: Stories & Markets

  17. Judd Corizan says:

    Hi Alex-
    Every Sunday we rip a meme off someone and post it in our blog, Sunday Stealing.

    This week we stole your. We give you both a link and credit. Have a great weekend!


    Judd Corizan’s last blog post..The "All About Me" Meme

  18. Karen Putz says:

    Alex, from that picture, you look like a totally fun guy to hang around with. Raul is lucky!

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  20. Hi Alex – I love how you put that, “I need: nothing more than I already have (however I want a whole lot more).” Isn’t that the truth? Most of us have what we truly need, the rest are all wants.

    Barbara Swafford’s last blog post..Blogging – Filling A Void In Our Lives

  21. Alex Fayle says:

    Thanks! You rock, too. I’ve never been down to Ibiza, so if you two ever make it that way, we should definitely go dancing!

    @James & @UP
    Having never seen 9 1/2 Weeks (with no desire to ever see it), I’m going to leave the two of you to have your fun with this thread of the conversation…

    Every time I tried up come up with an answer to “I win” the word kept changing to “won” so I went with my gut (following my sister’s excellent advice). 😉

    I’m a very empathic person which although is very useful has its downside, because I feel whatever people around me are feeling – it’s very distracting.

    Thanks for stepping in to protect my virtue (HA!) while I was away. You’re a very sweet man.

    Aw! Thanks! The pic was from this summer, just before going out to see fireworks after a day hanging out on the beach and in the ocean with friends, so no wonder I’m happy looking and relaxed! 😉

    I remember seeing your list. I need to refresh myself with it. As for relaxing, I don’t let myself work on weekends, no matter how much people say entrepreneurs need to be willing to work around the clock. I have my limits.

    @Marelisa & @Kelly of the SHE-POWER
    The gist of the story is in my About, but I’ll do up a couple of posts that explain it all in more detail as my Friday Updates for when I’m traveling in Canada in October.

    And @Kelly – your comment got caught in Askiment. I remember your list as well – I’ll check it out again. As for thinking too much, I have a friend who regularly tells me to shut up and just enjoy the moment…

    Twins separated at birth perhaps? 😉

    The view out the window is looking over the city and into the mountains on the other side. It’s worth every single one of the six flights of steps we have to climb to get here.

    Definitely – I also imagine a writers’ retreat in part of the villa (it’s very large), so come for a sabbatical! Madonna was lots of fun (I’m posting about the concert this Friday, so stay tuned).

    You rock! Thanks! I’ve take a gander at your site later today. (BTW, your first comment got caught in the Askimet spam filter, so I approved it and deleted your second comment).

    He is 😉 (then again so am I!)

    I’ve been reading about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (for some prep work for my novel) and realized that all my basic needs have been met, so life really is just a bunch of wants now. (I guess I’d make a very boring main character in a novel now with my needs mostly all met 😉 )

  22. Alex, as you can see, I’m a few days behind in my blog reading!

    This is great – as always, there are lessons in what you say. I see one that you didn’t even mention, and that’s recognizing the difference between needs and wants.

    I don’t think I could share this much about myself!

    Janet Barclay´s last blog post..My Information Diet

  23. Alex Fayle says:

    Yes, that’s a great lesson too and this exercise is very revealing – it’s not for everyone for sure.

  24. Cath Lawson says:

    Hi Alex – I read this meme at the weekend but didn’t have time to comment. I guessed a lot of these things – aside from the food issues.

    One thing that’s worrying me is that you don’t sound so confident about succeeding. You need to read this book I’m reading now: Ask & It Is Given by Esther & Jerry Hicks. It will really help.

    Cath Lawson´s last blog post..Free Gift Ideas That Help You Sell More

  25. Alex Fayle says:

    It’s part of my fear cycle. I whine and worry before getting over it and getting on with things. Yesterday was my big cranky day but a whole lot of blog posts on the subject snapped me out of it and now I’m on the go-go-go again. But I’ll add the book to my reading list. Thanks!

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