Choosing Happiness and Action: Monica Ricci Interview

I know Monica through the National Association of Professional Organizers and through Professional Organizers in Canada. I’ve loved her energy and enthusiasm right from the first day I met her. She’s appeared on Mission: Organization many times and crisscrosses the country talking about organizing. I’ve been very lucky to have her as one of my unofficial business mentors. Thanks Monica!

Who: Monica Ricci of Catalyst Organizing and the Your Life. Organized blog
Monica is an organizing expert, speaker, author, and big-time relationship builder whose passions include travel, spending time with friends, amazing food and having fun in life.

What variety of Someday Syndrome affected you the most?
I’d have to say procrastination, as embarrassing as it is.

In what way?
I have put off doing things for my business that I know I should do, or that I even want to do because they seem overwhelming. Specifically, writing a book.

How did it affect the rest of your life?
Any time I’m putting something off (and I actually am not a big procrastinator on an everyday basis), it makes me feel guilty about not achieving what I want to achieve. It makes me feel that I’m cheating myself out of more success.

How would you describe your happiness level at that time?
I am typically a happy person, but when I’m in the midst of procrastinating on a large project, I feel less confident and less successful. It definitely creeps in until I do something about it.

Did the other varieties of Someday Syndrome appear in your life as well?
I don’t really think so. I grew up with a mom who said “life doesn’t owe you anything”, so I always knew that if I wanted something I’d have to work for it. As for the decluttering part… I’ve always been great at that. I have a natural dislike for too much stuff, and an un-natural detachment to things. I have no trouble getting rid of things.

What changed? Was it gradual or did it come as an epiphany? Perhaps a mix the two?
My mom passed away four years ago and she was only 61. I realized in that moment that life moves way too fast and you literally don’t have days to just fritter away.

What dream are you in the process of realizing?
Figuring out what to write my second book about and building my speaking business.

How would you describe your happiness level now?
High! I always strive to be as happy and positive as possible. I attract wonderful things because of it and even though it’s easier to be negative, but it’s waaaay less fun!

What advice would you give someone in the position you were in before?
Procrastination comes from fear. Investigate what fear is holding you back and then face it. There are very few fears that actually come to fruition so go for it!

Someday Lessons:

  • Many times, happiness comes from choosing to be happy.
  • Our deepest fears are usually paper thin when held up to the light.
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6 thoughts on “Choosing Happiness and Action: Monica Ricci Interview

  1. Karen Swm says:

    Alex, thank you so much for this interview. I have been dealing with some fear issues lately and you’re right when you expose them to the light, they’re so silly. It’s nice to come here and be reminded that I am not alone but more importantly how to overcome and keep moving forward. Thank you Alex!

    Karen Swm´s last blog post..Write a Novel in Six Months … or Thirty Days

  2. Alex Fayle says:


    My pleasure! As I gear up to start NaNoWriMo I’m totally freaking out and wanting to procrastinate. Monica’s interview has done a good job of grounding me.


  3. Monica’s answers really struck a chord with me. I know exactly what she’s feeling. And all I want to do is finish an e-book! Thanks for the motivation 🙂

  4. Monica Ricci says:

    Alex, thanks for posting my interview. I have actually started outlining my second book and am feeling strong and powerful about it! You can almost hear me roaring can’t you? 🙂

    Hugs to you,

  5. Alex Fayle says:

    I can! Yay to roaring!

    I’m just about to start writing the first draft of my next novel as well. Starting it officially on Monday.

  6. Alex Fayle says:


    Glad to see you over here from Janet’s blog. I’m also glad the first post you read struck a chord with you. Good luck with the ebook!

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