Getting off the couch: Introducing Lab Rat Brett

A week today the first 2009 Lab Rat series starts, with four new people ready to enter the maze, Jim, Cat, Brett & Barb. Monday you met Jim, and Tuesday, Cat. Today you get to meet the (other) Brett.

I love seeing how people work. From the interview below Brett shows his different approach to things. Instead of copying and pasting the interview questions, he rephrased them, pulling out what was, to him, the most important part of each question. This tendency to rephrase will add a great dynamic to the group as we move forward.

Brett lives in Queensland, Australia with his wife and daughter while working as an IT Systems Admin. He’s looking to get off the couch and on with life.

How am I in a rut?
I get up, go to work and then come and sit on the couch and then drag myself to bed at all hours of the morning… I am not achieving anything at work or at home, let alone living to my true potential.

What support structure do I have?
My wife and my 10 yr old daughter are the most wonderful in the whole world. They keep me going and are the reason why I am resolving to do something about it. My other immediate family are great but there are pressures there, both real and imagined, that exist in all families. My Boss is supportive and knows that I have the potential to do much more.

What Variety of Someday Syndrome affects me most?
After reading them listed out like that, I am labouring under all three syndromes. I fell like I deserve something more, that I’m special will achieve something great that sets me part from everyone else. However, I am still waiting for it to happen (as if it happens this way). I have a list of things to do a mile long both at work and at home yet nothing is completed (something that seems like it has happened all my life) and in the meantime, My house and shed is absolutely bursting with things I might need someday. We had a big cleanup and emptied a skip full of stuff from downstairs and the place is still full. Despite knowing what needs to be done, the bum groove in my couch gets a regular polish. meanwhile at work, deadlines come and go and there is always a reason an excuse for something. If only I put half the work into actual work that I did in making excuses.

What have I tried so far?
There have been a multitude of time management and organisational course both funded privately and through work. However, I think this is treating the symptoms and not the cause. Despite many starts, it seem to be getting past that 2 – 3 week barrier before lapsing back onto old routines is a major stumbling block, plunging me even further into negative thoughts and attitudes. Keeping a positive attitude, a positive routine and regular exercise seem to be a little beyond me at this point. It is that mindset and attitude change that I’m not making that I believe is the tipping point for action. I don’t know that I have had a real hard look at the emotional and mental part of it before. I think there is some fear of what I will find…

What do I hope to gain?
I hope to regain confidence in myself so that I can become a man of action to inspire others to have confidence in me. I want my daughter to learn from my actions, to do what I do, instead of doing what I say. I also want to be on the path to set some goals on what I want to achieve, learn what I want to do in life and along the way, become someone on the road back to a healthy weight, to kick-start my stalled career and to get my Home renovations back on track.

Don’t forget that you can get in on the Someday-Busting Conversations through the forums. Sign up and join in on the fun!

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5 thoughts on “Getting off the couch: Introducing Lab Rat Brett

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  2. Ooh, an Aussie Lab Rat. How exciting. G’day Brett, I look forward to reading more about your Someday journey.


  3. jam says:

    I’m so proud of you! You have lots of potential and only need to leave old expectations behind. You are a man now, not someone’s liitle boy. Do what you think is right. Stay in the here and now!

  4. Alex Fayle says:

    I was very excited to see Brett’s request to join the Lab Rats – I love how international the Internet is!

    I’m very proud of all of the Lab Rats for stepping forward and wanting to make changes in their lives. I can’t wait to see the results!

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