Allowing Life to Go On

  • Someday Lesson: Don’t expect unfailing dedication to everything you do. Sometimes you need to take a break to recharge or deal with other more pressing matters.

Bug-a-Lug (",) on Flickr.comThe Lab Rat series was designed as a non-stop 12 week program, however, life never goes quite as planned.

Especially when dealing with personal change.

As we try to change, we face resistance, inertia, fear and all the other things I talk about here on the blog all the time. Plus we have other things going on in our lives such as trips, work, bad internet connections and days where we just don’t feel like doing anything.

For that reason we can’t come down on ourselves too heavily when things don’t progress as quickly as we would like them to. This is not a permission slip to slack off whenever you feel like it. It’s acknowledgement that sometimes pushing ourselves through something is not in the best interest of our peace of mind.

What does this all mean in terms of the Lab Rats? It means that there’s no post from them this week. But don’t worry, I’ll be gently kicking butts right through to the end of the last lesson and you’ll get to see just how well the Rats have learned to run the maze.

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5 thoughts on “Allowing Life to Go On

  1. Change can be SO hard to deal with and you make a wonderful point here. You have to allow life to go on. There really is no other way around it. All we have is now and we need to remember that. The past is over and we must embrace whatever changes we face in this moment. Great post!

    Positively Present´s last blog post..unlock 10 ways to be more open

  2. Davina says:

    To allow yourself permission to take a break… what a relief! In this case the “Someday Syndrome” is a good thing — to trust that now is not the right time. Growing with the flow 🙂

    Davina´s last blog post..Positively Breathing — A Series Intro

  3. Alex Fayle says:

    @Positively Present & @Davina
    Yes, the now is the important part and even as we give up the past, we also have to acknowledge that the moment has precedence over the future and as much as we might want to push through change, sometimes we need to leave the future alone for a bit. Thanks!

  4. Kelly says:


    I like this almost as much as I would have liked a full post. It is important in our overachiever world to permit a little underachieving now and then. I was just talking about this at MCE this week—it gives you the courage to go on.

    Kudos to you and peace to the Lab Rats!



  5. Alex Fayle says:

    Thanks! I’m big on underachieving – it’s what allows me to stay sane as I build the business!

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