No You Won’t Need It Someday

The Clutter CodeI talk quite a bit here on the blog about two types of Someday Syndrome: figuring out your dreams and putting them into action. There’s a third type that I don’t talk about all that much – and it’s called “I Might Need It Someday.”

This variety of Someday Syndrome is all about clutter – the physical stuff we hold onto that keeps us from living our dreams and moving forward out of our comfortable (but often unhappy) ruts.

In my pre-Europe life, I worked as a Professional Organizer, helping people clear clutter and create systems in their homes and home offices and while I don’t talk all that much about it now, if you want to achieve your dreams, you’re going to have to address your physical clutter at some point as well.

Our inner and outer worlds reflect each other. If you have too much stuff, or your stuff is disorganized, it’s highly likely that your mental and emotional states will be cluttered and disorganized.

May people find organizing difficult – it’s so hard to be objective about our own stuff. We attach memory and sentiment to the craziest objects making it impossible to get rid of them. We tie our sense of self worth to how much we have, so collect compulsively.

Or, more normally, we get so busy getting through the day we forget to take care of the space around us.

Last year I had the fortunate opportunity to work as a contributor to an organizing project that’s just launched. It’s called The Clutter Code and it’s a series of videos, ebooks and worksheets designed to take you through four areas of your home to help you find space, find peace and find the energy to chase after your dreams instead of chasing after that lost unpaid telephone bill.

The best part? These videos are totally affordable. If you bring a Professional Organizer into your home, you’ll pay between $40 to $100 per hour depending on the size of your organizing project. And the Clutter Code packages? Only $29.99 per package.

How awesome is that?

Sorry, I was wrong just there – the best part isn’t the price. The best part is fun you’ll have watching the videos. The host Laura makes me giggle every time I watch one of these things. Check out the Closet Hokey Pokey to see what I mean.

So, if you want to clear the physical clutter from your life at the same time that you’re clearing out the Somedays, then I’d highly recommend you go check out The Clutter Code site.

PS. Yes, as well as a contributor to the project, I am an affiliate, so if you purchase a Clutter Code package, I will earn some money. Stay tuned for more reviews of products and services in my Someday-Busting Affiliate list (coming up most Wednesdays).

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11 thoughts on “No You Won’t Need It Someday

  1. Kelly says:


    Oh my! The Closet Pokey was too funny, and very memorable too.

    I know someone who needs this, off to recommend it now!



  2. Karen Swim says:

    Hi Alex, you are so right! If I allow clutter in any way (digital, physical) it definitely hinders my ability to create, and focus. Holding on to things so often holds us back from allowing new things to flow into our life. I’m off to tweet this, this is great stuff!

    Karen Swim´s last blog post..Life, Death and Dreams

  3. Hahahaha. I love the Closet Pokey. “Keep the clutter out!!” I’m still chuckling about it. I’m all about being organized and I absolutely no trouble with organizing (in fact, I think I might have an organizing problem! haha), but I know quite a few people that could benefit from this. Definitely passing this link along…

    Positively Present´s last blog post..13 ways you distort your thoughts (and how to stop doing it)

  4. J.D. Meier says:

    I’m a fan of decluttering.

    I think keeping things organized helps respond to life’s curve balls.

    J.D. Meier´s last blog post..Life Experiences and Leadership

  5. I am pretty good about not hoarding clothing and household items that I no longer need, but I do tend to be a packrat when it comes to information. Funny thing, just this week one of my clients was looking for some information for a project she’s working on, and I had something she could use on file from a course I took in 2000 (at least I was able to find it in less than a minute)!

    Loved the video – what a fun way to learn to get organized!

    Janet Barclay´s last blog post..Did You Miss the NAPO Conference?

  6. Patricia says:

    I am so organized and know where everything is…I am so ready to declutter the kids stuff and maybe even ready to downsize.
    My partner is not. Although he says he wants to get rid of all the lumber leftovers in the garage…

    I am not up for a wisdom convention right now and he is working on getting work into his office to keep everyone going….

    He says my desk looks messy – I am paying the monthly bills so it is covered with material for my next post and his next post and the documenting and filing. It will look clean and shiny in two days

    I love this post…thank you

    Patricia´s last blog post..Relationships and the Role of Boundaries

  7. Alex Fayle says:

    There’s another one I love about the Fridge that comes from the Kitchen package…

    Thanks for the tweet – I find that when I want to get serious writing done if I go to the library (which has a large study room), I’m a lot more focused and productive.

    @Positively Present
    Somehow I’m not at all surprised you’re an organized person. 😉 Thanks for passing the link along!

    Yes – when we’re organized we can change direction quickly when we need to.

    It’s always my belief that if you can find it quickly and storing it doesn’t interfere with your life, then there’s no reason not to keep something.

    It’s often the case that one person in a couple is highly organized and the other not at all (I think it’s like how most couples include one morning person and one night owl). It’s also funny how quickly we can all see the clutter in someone else’s life but often not in our own. Yay to a shiny desk deadline btw!

  8. Kelly says:


    Believe it or not, the fridge in the opening scene… she’d hate me for saying this… *IS* the fridge of the person I recommended The Clutter Code to.


    Love it! 😀

    Until later,


  9. Alex Fayle says:

    I think A LOT of people’s fridges are the same way – when I get really busy mine even gets that way at times. 😉

  10. lm says:

    I do think it’s important to note that the system is $29.99 for EACH ROOM — that is, it costs $29.99 for the kitchen set, and $29.99 for the paper set, and $29.99 for the “mudroom” set, and will likely cost another $29.99 for the bedroom set when they get it done.

    Not saying that isn’t still reasonable when contemplating the hundreds you’d pay to an organizer and/or thousands you’d pay when organizing/downsizing an entire house, but just wanted to alert those who are working on a stringent budget (and/or those, like myself, who might have read quickly and gotten overexcited b/c they thought it was such a bargain :D).

  11. Alex Fayle says:

    Yes, each cluster of video, ebook and worksheets costs $29.99 but given that an ebook alone without video or worksheets often costs more and (as you say) bringing in an organizer will cost you between $60 to $150 an hour, the $120 for all four packages comes out very reasonable.

    Thanks though for pointing that detail out – it’s always good to read the details before buying anything.

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