How Your Style Affects Your Dreams

  • Someday Lesson: If you don’t know your style of approaching things, your Someday Journey will be significantly more difficult.

helgabj on flickr.comWhen people talk about style, they often mean fashion. Lady Gaga has a stylist. The Jonas Brothers have a stylist. You don’t need a stylist. You just need to know what your style is.

By style, I mean the way you approach work and life. Are you an outgoing person? Are you on the shy side? What drives you? Are you interested in making enough money to buy that cottage? Do you live to help others?

Knowing what type of person you are is the most important step in figuring out what you want out of life. If you don’t know how you approach life then you have no idea which path will work best for you.

Let’s take a look at how different styles affect each of the Someday Syndrome variants.

Someday My Ship Will Come In
An introvert and an extravert will seek out their dreams in different ways.

If you are an inward-focused person then when you are looking to figure out what your Someday dream is, you’ll want to ask yourself a series of questions like:

  • What activities make me happy?
  • How do I feel when I do x or y?
  • What would I call success?

On the other hand an externally-focused person then you’ll more likely look to people around you and see what they do, asking yourself:

  • What excites me about what that person is doing?
  • How would I do differently what I see?
  • How might I mix the dreams of these different people to create my own?

I’ll Get Around To It Someday
Are you motivated or inspired to do things? Motivation comes from a push, often a push of fear, while inspiration is a pull of excitement that draws you to your dreams.

Neither is better than the other – it’s simply a difference in style – but if you don’t know which influences you more, you won’t choose the right activities to get you started on fulfilling your dreams.

To figure out which is you (or if you’re a mix), take a look at your past actions to determine what got you started. If you don’t know, take some time to examine what’s going on in your brain and with your emotions when you start your next project.

I Might Need It Someday
Are you a perfectionist? You won’t start anything until you can do it perfectly.

Maybe you’re a highly active person? Sitting around 5 more minutes to organize your desk for tomorrow would kill you!

Do you not feel secure without hard copies of every electronic file? You really like the feel of paper.

When working with clients on organizing their spaces, I often ask them about their ideal work environment. What would it look like? Is it a golf course, a corner office on the 25th floor, a piece of your kitchen or a beach? If you choose the beach or golf course, you’ll likely have a difficult time ever getting your office organized – you weren’t meant to be cooped up in a single room working for hours at a time!

Always start right at the root of the issue – don’t start with “what sort of space will I live or work best in?” Ask yourself “what is the best environment for me to succeed in?” That’s the question that leads to “Who am I?” the answer to which will lead you to the best organized space for you.

As you can see, once you know your approach to life and your personal style your Someday Journey will become much smoother and the path much clearer.

3 thoughts on “How Your Style Affects Your Dreams

  1. I love this take on style! I really enjoy fashion in general, but this is a great way to think about personal style as a mindset. Wonderful post!

    Positively Present´s last blog post..down and out is overrated

  2. J.D. Meier says:

    Good stuff and I like your style spin.

    I like to think of it as your “how” or “process” … and of course, style is a good wrapper.

    It’s amazing how a little self-awareness goes a long way. if your style isn’t working for you, swap it out.

    J.D. Meier´s last blog post..Success Defined

  3. Alex Fayle says:

    @Positively Present
    I love playing with words – in fact, I think I might do a post taking the two types of style to an extreme, comparing clothing choices to life choices.

    Self-awareness is key – without it, we live on autopilot and slide through life without actually accomplishing anything.

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