The Positive Power of Peer Pressure

kwerfeldein on flickr.comWhen people sign up for the Someday News, I ask them what their number one Someday Syndrome challenge is.

And for most people it’s consistent action.

Almost everyone seems to have trouble keeping up momentum and no letting their procrastination and delaying habits block them from getting done what they dream of completing.

It’s all about accountability. If you make yourself accountable to someone (whether it’s yourself or others) you’re more likely to complete your to-do list.

And since being accountable to others has a more powerful effect than just being accountable to yourself, I’ve decided to launch an email-based Accountability Clinic.

Each week you’ll receive a short email with time and goal management tips. Plus once a week you’ll be asked to go the Someday-Busting Forums and report on your week, providing the rest of the people in the clinic with:

  • What you wanted to get done
  • What you did get done
  • Why you achieved what you did
  • Why you didn’t achieve what didn’t happen

Peer pressure doesn’t always have to have a negative connotation – it can be used to produce good results. By signing up to the Accountability Clinic you’ll not only help yourself bust a few Somedays, but you’ll also be helping others get over their procrastination habits and learn a bit more about the patterns of action or inaction that block the completion of their dreams.

Together let’s eradicate the “I’ll Get Around To It Someday” strain of Someday Syndrome.

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10 thoughts on “The Positive Power of Peer Pressure

  1. Emma Newman says:

    What a great idea! I’d better sign up quick before I put it off…

    Emma Newman´s last blog post..Warning: this is not a real query letter

  2. Pace says:

    Yes! It’s just like stress can be either negative or positive (distress or eustress), peer pressure can be, too! Now let me see if I can come up with some stupid names for them.

    Peer posipressure and peer negipressure?

    Wow, that’s really stupid.

    Peer pressure and peer accountability?

    “Pressure” has a negative connotation for me, but “accountability” has a positive connotation for me. I wonder if others would have the same impressions, though.

    Pace´s last blog post..Community Update #4: OMG Daniel Quinn!

  3. It’s so funny to receive this post today. I’m at a resort that offers various personal physical challenges – and I’ve been hesitant to try any of them. But after talking with a few other folks here, they emphasized the ‘coolness’ and benefits of a few and positively peer pressured me into doing them. It can work! Great post.

    Laura Cococcia´s last blog post..Laura Interviews Lisa F. Jackson: Director of The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo

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  5. What a great idea! I joined.

  6. Hi Alex.

    What a superb idea.

    I do agree, when we’re held accountable, we perform better. What I did on my blog was post on my “about” page that I share posts three times a week. Even if I have days when I’d rather not write, I know I have readers counting on me to produce. That alone is motivation enough to keep me going.

    Barbara Swafford´s last blog post..The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease

  7. Alex Fayle says:

    Good plan! Glad to see you on board – looking forward to being accountable to you!

    Isn’t playing with words fun? I agree: pressure=bad accountability=good. It’s like the difference between needing a chaperone and being a responsible person.

    I’d love to hear how the challenges went? Were they as fun as the others said?

    Welcome! I’m curious to see if larger numbers make for more or less accoutability. Something to investigate as the Clinic progresses.

    What a great way of working. I’m the same with the interviews – if I don’t post any other day of the week, I’ve at least posted on Monday.

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  9. Great idea! I once belonged to a mastermind group where we were each paired up with another member. My buddy and I would connect by phone between group sessions in order to update each other on our progress, and it definitely worked!
    .-= Janet Barclay´s last blog ..Would You Like to Work with Hoarders? =-.

  10. Alex Fayle says:

    That’s another great way of doing it. I’ve done that with writing – telling someone that I was going to write for a certain block of time and then feeling the pressure to report back to them on what I did.

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