Going Big then Getting Real: The Lab Rats Blow Up Their Dreams (Part 1)

  • Someday Lesson: It’s good to reach for the sky, but without a link to the ground, dreams will fly away without you.

(There’s a lot to cover in this chapter, so I’ve divided it into two parts – this week we look at the progress for Lizzie and Alessio and next week Wendee and Horatio are up.)

.Larry Page on flickr.comI’ve talked before about keeping dreams realistic and if you’ve been following this blog for any length at time at all you know that I’m not a big fan of visualization (it encourages living in the future and discourages action in the moment) but in this chapter of the Someday My Ship Will Come In ebook, the Lab Rats got to dream and dream big.

I wanted to make sure that they were dreaming big enough before we get started on putting their dreams into action. Most people dream smaller than what’s actually possible. To discover our true passions, we need to push our dreams to the utmost and discover their limits. Then we need to turn around and look in the other direction and focus on the things in our lives that will hinder our dreams – our context, our reality.

For example, my Spanish dream included living in a perpetually sunny part of the country, but then I fell in love with a man who lived in the wet north so I had a choice of altering my dream or changing reality. I didn’t want to change reality (I’m thrilled to be in love) so I changed my dream and settled in northern Spain where I put up with the near constant winter rain.

Let’s take a look at the pushing-it-to-the-extreme dreams of the Lab Rats and follow up each extreme dream with a reality check.


Lizzie decided that the her dream didn’t need to change much (another indication that she’s close to achieving it) but that if she had the chance to do whatever she wanted, she’d add to the dream a better house with more space inside and out (for a music studio and horses), a part-time job as a faculty member at a university with clients twice a week in the city, and a self-help book published with lots of media attention. Plus she’d be fluent in five languages.

Blocking these added dreams are a commitment to staying put for the sake of her daughter (stability while growing up), a mother who is emotionally up and down a lot, an uncertainty as to how hard she wants to work to achieve the work goals and the publishing contract, and problems sleeping and therefore having lots of energy during the day to get everything done.

In terms of what she might change, she’s added sprucing up the house to get it ready to put on the market if she discovers her dream house, will make some contacts at the university and convert some websurfing time into Italian study time.


Instead of adding to his dreams, Alessio expanded the scope of them. Instead of just being a successful web designer, he would love to become an international renowned designer with a wildly successful blog and a popular results-driven web design course.

After looking at his life, he’s realized that he has no limitations. His family encourages him to pursue his dreams, his girlfriend will be finished her studies in a few years and is eager to travel as well. He’s building up the financial base to start his career as well as preparing himself mentally to accept the need for heavy startup investment. Plus he’s very healthy and has recently started (and fallen in love with) yoga.

In other words, there is nothing to stop Alessio from achieving exactly what he wants.

Measuring Progress

The further along we get in the ebook, the more Lizzie’s situation becomes clear that she mostly has what she wants and it’s just little things that hold her back from getting it all (like some weight loss and reestablishing the connections she needs to so that she can get back to working).

Earlier I noted that Alessio is making slow progress with no big breakthroughs, but I think this week we can safely say that he achieved that breakthrough. He’s on the right path and now just needs dedication and patience to continue.

And luckily for him, the last three chapters of the Someday My Ship Will Come In ebook focus on action and maintaining momentum they have both created.

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  1. Wendee says:

    Part 1 of this chapter’s work is very inspiring to me. Looking at what might be blocking our path to dreams and looking at what we might change – – very powerful stuff!

  2. Alex Fayle says:

    Yay to inspiration!

  3. […] week we looked at the extreme dreams of Lizzie and Alessio and what they were willing to do to change in their lives or in their dreams to make the two match […]

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