The Healing Power of the Dance Floor: Pop Music Positivity

Throughout most of my life I’ve struggled with self-confidence. I’ve always had a core belief in myself that couldn’t be shaken no matter what happened, but between that core and the world there’s this soft layer that doubts and second guesses and doesn’t trust.

Over the years that layer of self-doubt has gotten thinner and these days I barely notice in, but back in my teens and 20s it got in the way of me doing a lot of things.

Fortunately I had a way of peeling back that doubt and fear and letting my strong self-confident core shine through – the dance floor. I started going to alternative all night clubs when I was 16 and in my first year of university went out dancing six nights a week.

This month’s Pop Music Positivity pays tribute to the healing power of the dance floor. Heartbreak (Make Me a Dancer) by Freemasons featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor reminds me of the number of times I cured a broken heart by throwing myself into the groove and getting lost there, while Little Boots’ Remedy pays tribute to the 80s synthesizer sounds I grew up on and used to unfreeze my emotions and let the stress of self-doubt and fear fade away.


Heartbeat (Make Me a Dancer)

Favorite lines:

Heartbreak makes me a dancer, dancer
DJ give me the answer, answer
Love, stop getting me down, down, down
Do it alone, I could do it alone
Heartbreak make me a dancer, dancer
Keep my heart beating faster, faster
Love, stop bringing me down, down, down
Do it alone, I could do it alone

I need to feel I’m getting stronger
Long as I’m moving it feels true
And with each step, I will forget
Forget all those memories of you


Favorite lines:

And when the music fades away
I know I’ll be okay
Contagious rhythm in my brain
Let it play

No more poison
Killing my emotion
I will not be frozen
Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh
Stop stop preying
Coz I’m not not playing
I’m not frozen
Dancing is my remedy, remedy, oh

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8 thoughts on “The Healing Power of the Dance Floor: Pop Music Positivity

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  2. One of my favourites….Maybe because I’m an organizer my favourite line is, “If your world is all screwed up, rearrange it”

    If you don’t like
    What you got
    Why don’t you change it
    If your world is all screwed up
    Rearrange it
    Raise a little Hell …
    If you don’t like what you see
    Why don’t you fight it
    If you know there’s something wrong
    Why don’t you right it
    Raise a little Hell …
    In the end it comes down to your thinking
    And there’s really nobody to blame
    When it feels like your ship is sinking
    And you’re too tired to play the game
    Nobody’s going to help you
    You’ve just got to stand up alone
    And dig in your heels
    And see how it feels
    To raise a little Hell of your own
    Raise a little Hell …
    If you don’t like
    What you got
    Why don’t you change it
    If your world is all screwed up
    Rearrange it
    Raise a little Hell …
    .-= Jacki Hollywood Brown´s last blog ..Tips for the New School Year =-.

  3. Love this post!! I’m so into music and it can really change my mood from negative to positive. It’s such an important aspect of my life and I’m so glad you wrote about it (and shared some great stuff too!).
    .-= Positively Present´s last blog ..slippery slopes are not reserved for negativity =-.

  4. Andy Hayes says:

    Now I know why the two of us get along. How did you know these are like my two FAVOURITE songs right now? So so cool.
    .-= Andy Hayes´s last blog ..Loving Life in La Tavola Marche =-.

  5. Cathy says:

    I’m with Positively Present on this. The power of music is something that makes a difference to my life, so much so that I have gone to the effort of choosing a song every day to lift my mood. I started this in February and it does make a difference. And even if you can’t get to a dance floor, you can crank up the music at home and dance around your living room. It isn’t quite the same, but comes close! By the way, love these song choices Alex.
    .-= Cathy´s last blog ..Total Housework Day =-.

  6. Music plays a huge part in my mood and attitude – I recently read some statistics on actual ‘happiness’ stats related to music and dancing. I had the chance to interview my friend today for my blog about samba dancing – I’ve always loved to dance, but wanted to learn more about different kinds of dance / its role in various global cultures. We must have been on the same dancing page today!
    .-= Laura – The Journal of Cultural Conversation´s last blog ..Global Samba: Interview with Elisa Phillips =-.

  7. Alex Fayle says:

    Trooper! I wasn’t sure what the song was until the “Raise a little Hell” part. For those who don’t know this great Canadian rock band, here’s some concert footage.

    @Positively Present
    I also use music to indulge (and limit) a really good wallow, but I’ll talk about in a future Pop Music Positivity post…

    I’ve also discovered La Roux – she’s a lot of fun!

    What a great idea! A song a day. I see your latest post is Housework Day – when I lived alone my housecleaning music was the soundtrack to the musical Into the Woods. I’d clean the whole house without complaining to myself once!

    I’ve always been fascinated by dance and even took a year of it when I was in high school, but I’ve realized that I can’t dance and think about anything at the same time, making doing any sort of choreographed dancing next to impossible. 😉

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