Setting an Example: More Lab Rats Enter the Maze

surprise truck on flickr.comLast week I introduced you to Helen, John and Michelle, three of the six new Lab Rats. While I did that the other three patiently waited their turn for the spot light (and took a moment to polish their tails a bit).

As with the first three Lab Rats, Kristin, Marie and Joyce are all looking for accountability. By going through the ebook I’ll Get Around To It Someday (launched earlier this week) with the whole world watching them, they’ll be forced to follow through on the exercises instead of starting them and trailing off the moment it becomes work.


Kristin is an Australian geek who plays with big databases. Over the years her career has taken her away from her roots and further into geekery, and now she’s bored. She’s highly paid for the geekery and the company treats her well, but deep down it really isn’t her.

Her big dream is to ditch the day job and make a living for myself through writing, only she has no idea how to go about it. She has a blog and went back to school part time, but wonders if perhaps the writing courses are just another way of procrastinating instead of just starting.

Getting pregnant means a 12 month maternity leave and Kristin hopes to turn that time off into the start of a the writing career. Specifically she’s looking for clarity on what she wants and what steps to get there.

And by doing this all publicly, Kristin also hopes to help other soon-to-be moms with similar dreams.


Marie is also in school, but not at all part time. She has about eight months to finish and defend her dissertation. Unfortunately, her chair has left the university and her motivation went along for the ride. Supposedly she needs to write every day on the dissertation, but it’s not happening and the terror of the job market at the end of it all has paralyzed her.

I remember this stage. When I was finishing up my Master degree, I almost didn’t finish two courses on purpose so that I wouldn’t have to enter the “real world.” After more than twenty years in school, the idea of leaving (as much as I hated it by that point) was scarier than the horror of having to repeat courses.

Marie’s hopes that her wandering motivation has gotten itself lost in the maze and that by being a Lab Rat they’ll be reunited. Plus she hopes that the walls of the maze give her a structure and keep her on the path towards completing her dissertation.


Joyce is another writer, but one who’s a few steps ahead of many of us. You see, she had her first book published over two years ago. Unfortunately, the whole process doesn’t get easier and since then she’s made progress on two other books, but she finds “something else” to do rather than work on them.

The Getting Started Monster hassles her every day and self doubt just adds to the fear. Once she does get started, she will finish (eventually) and she hopes that she’ll be able to vanquish the Getting Started Monster within the passageways of the maze, like Theseus and the Minotaur.

About her situation, Joyce says:

One of my biggest procrastinating problems is feeling so overwhelmed with everything that I do, that I end up doing nothing at all.

By becoming a Lab Rat, Joyce hopes to find guidance and learn how to commit to her writing instead of putting it off indefinitely. And by eliminating procrastination from her life, she hopes to achieve a greater sense of self-worth, knowing she’s learned to give her best in every situation.

Your Own Trip Through the Maze

Do you recognize yourself in these three Lab Rats? Or perhaps in the three from last week? If so, why not consider taking a trip through the maze yourself?

The I’ll Get Around To It Someday ebook is now available for download and to make sure that you’re keeping yourself accountable (and getting the most out of your investment in yourself), I am offering Guided Tours through the maze for only $199US.

Yes, that’s right. For the price of less than an hour and a half of my consulting time you get nine weeks of email coaching, taking you through the 20 worksheets that go along with the ebook.

So, if you want to stop saying “Someday” to your dreams, then click here for more details about the ebook and the Guided Tour.

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