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Creating Space for Your Dreams

  • Someday Lesson: If your physical space is chaotic, how can you possible expect to find the clear path through to your dreams?

Organizing Connection: Turn cluttered nightmares into sweet dreamsAs we come to the end of Self-Improvement month, I have a question for you.

How’s your physical clutter?

Normally on Someday Syndrome we deal with emotional and mental clutter, but occasionally I like to take a look at the physical blocks to our dreams. And taking that literally I want to know: how’s your bedroom?

Can you see the floor? Do your clothes pile up on chairs and in baskets but never seem to make it into closets and drawers? Do you have clothes you’ve bought but have yet to wear?

What about non-bedroom stuff – books, toys, newspapers, stuff for work?

Our inner and outer worlds are highly linked. If you have a disorderly and chaotic bedroom, how can you expect to have a calm sleep? And if you can’t have that calm sleep your emotional and mental clutter will build and build until you’re just getting by each day.

We store our dreams in our bedrooms. Think about that moment just before you fall asleep or just before you wake up each day, when everything is full of possibility. Are you stressed or do you greet sleep and waking with enthusiasm? If you go to bed and wake up stressed, there’s a good chance that stress has a physical cause.

Fortunately it’s an easy and inexpensive fix!

Last year, I had the privilege of writing the scripts for a series of organizing videos and worksheets put together by Kim Eagles and Elaine Shannon of The Organizing Connection and this month they’ve just released Organizing The Bedroom: From Cluttered Nightmares to Sweet Dreams.

If you know deep in your heart that this is the day to take back control of your home, become more organized, and live the life of your choice and not one where you just ‘survive’ each day, then you’re going to want the CLUTTER CODE Six Step Organizing System™ available exclusively from Organizing Connection. To get you started the #1 Secret to Organizing your Closet will be revealed, a secret that will change how you think about your closet.

Usually I don’t recommend people looking to get organized to go buy organizing tools like books because they often just become clutter themselves. However, this tool by the incredibly dynamic dual includes a funny and information-packed video that includes – yes seriously – the Closet Hokey Pokey! So you don’t just read about organizing – you get to see it happen and get the tools to do so step by step.

In the From Cluttered Nightmares to Sweet Dreams video you will learn:

  1. How the #1 Secret to organizing your closet can help with the whole room.
  2. How you can break this mountain of a job into bite sized pieces.
  3. How to do the aforementioned Closet Hokey Pokey, a fun way to remember how to maintain the closet organization.
  4. Some end of the day strategies that will save valuable time in the morning.
  5. The emotional side of organizing, including how to let go – using hangers!

Plus you will receive the special companion ebook to help give you more concrete steps to conquering the bedroom and closet clutter! In this ebook you will learn more about…

  1. Paying it forward: how the clutter in your closets could be someone’s survival
  2. Organizing through transitions: what do you do when a new baby arrives or the season changes.
  3. Feng Shui and why the bed placement is so important

And to keep you on track, there are 11 pages of worksheets that can guide you every step of the way. Once you see how far you’ve progressed from having a bedroom that resembles the floor after a department store sale to one that is totally organized, completely functional AND a joy to be in, you’ll want to keep this room from ever lapsing into chaotic clutterland again

All for only $29.99 USD. That’s like a fraction of the hourly cost of having an organizer on site with you – and you get to watch it over and over until the principles explained in the video become second nature for you.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the bonuses that you get with the video and worksheets, including something from Someday Syndrome (your own personal Dream Factory).

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit Organizing Connection and start freeing up the space to dream and dream big!

P.S. Yes, I am an affiliate of this product, so if you buy it you will help me bust some of my own (financial) Somedays.

P.P.S. Speaking of following dreams, I recently had a short story published on the website Aurora Wolf. The story is called A Home Invasion and is a humorous look at what happens when a collective of pixies decide they want to help.

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Self Respect & Money: Jennifer Hofmann Interview

As I said in a recent comment, clutter is the third side to the Someday Syndrome triangle: I Might Need It Someday. Clutter blocks progress and can especially be a problem for small business types who do everything themselves from within a home office. Fortunately there are people like Jennifer Hofmann who uses her own experiences with clutter to help others get themselves organized. Let’s take a look at how she came to start helping people.

Jennifer HoffmanWho: Jennifer Hofmann of Inspired Home Office
Jen is a creative, cluttered entrepreneur who loves her work, her clients, and life in general – without running herself ragged.

Name one moment in your life when you threw a pity party for yourself and the reasons why you felt you weren’t able to achieve your goals. Were you feeling stuck? Had you felt you failed? What wasn’t working in your life?
I was being micromanaged at work to the point that I hated being there. I dreaded it, but obsessed about it constantly – even when I was not there. I felt badly enough about myself that I believed I deserved the micromanagement, the constant dread, the terror of losing my job, and the unending self-hatred for forgetting to do/complete things.

What kept me stuck was the belief that I deserved it. And the belief that I needed the money more than I needed self-respect. It was terrible. Nothing was working in my life – and I had all this great talent that was going to waste trying to dance to the wrong drum.

Even our lowest moments fulfill a need in us or express our desires. When you threw yourself that pity party, what did you hope to gain? What need did you fulfill?
I threw the pity party many times, always with the hope that I would be rescued or somehow saved from the misery of my situation. I thought that the strength I needed would come from outside of me.

Tell us what you did to break up the pity party. What actions did you decide to take? Did someone help you buoy your spirits? Push you along?
I got a letter from my employer indicating that I’d have to improve “x, y, and z” in order to remain employed. Not surprisingly, I had constant stomach cramps and other stress-related illness, so I took myself on a week-long retreat to get some perspective.

In a cabin at the coast, I spent a week alone, journaling, drawing, cutting out images for collages. I took several personality and skills tests to discern what work I was best suited for. By the second day, I’d finished my letter of resignation – even though I had no idea what I might do for income. I just knew, in my heart of hearts, that it was time to stop. To stop attempting to fit an uncomfortable mold. To stop swapping my spirit for a decent income.

By the end of the week, I’d created 9 collages – one for each area of my life – that inspired me. I found certainty that I was on the correct path. I felt trusting and confident for the first time – and I wasn’t looking to be rescued.

Can you look back on that moment and tell us how you felt when you did decide to take action? What results came about from your decision to take charge and move on?
It’s hard for me to look back at that time in my life and even believe that I’m the same person. Today, I’m running a business that I adore and touching the lives of people all over the world. I love my life. The path here wasn’t easy and it’s still sometimes scary, but I wouldn’t trade it for all the “security” in the world.

Everyone has a Someday problem hiding deep inside, even little ones. What variety of the Someday Syndrome do you currently harbor? What would you like to achieve but haven’t yet?
I’m aware that my business has a limited capacity to help and support others. So many people are suffering, overwhelmed by their stuff and by their thoughts. My Someday is to create a way for lots of people to offer my work so that together we can spread healing.

Examining your Someday Syndrome problem, what are you currently doing to resolve it and eliminate it from your life?
At the moment, it’s gestating. I’m completely at peace with the process of creating this new aspect of my work. 80% of creating involves no output – it just entails thinking, dreaming, and working out the details. When the timing is right, I’ll launch it and create it. I’ve no doubt.

So many people rush to solve their “problems” and create misery for themselves. Being patient with the process allows me to more forward with clarity and trust.

Many people suffer the same problems you do. You’re not alone, and neither are they. What would you tell people in your situation right now to help them avoid what you’re going through?
Vent if you have to, but begin to acknowledge your own innate talent. Find courage inside. At the end of your days you will have to look back and account for the risks you didn’t take. Will you like what you’ve done with your life so far? Will you be proud of your choices?

There is often the urge to explain away your dreams. Discounting them won’t make them go away; it will just make your Inner Dreamer quiet. Don’t be content to just get along. Stretch. Reach. You can do it. It’s absolutely possible.

If you could ask for one thing, right now, to help you overcome your Someday Syndrome, what type of help would you ask for?
Aside from the obvious cheeky answers, 🙂 what I’d really like is clarity about which things to do in my business now that will help me get closer to my goal, more quickly. A guide to help me discern the right path. Sometimes getting an encouraging outsider’s input can be very helpful.

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Using Negativity in a Good Way: The Lab Rats Explore How Much Their Lives Suck

Keeni! on flickr.comThe Lab Rats kicked things off by diving right into the major suckiness of their lives. By starting at the lowest point, they then have a list of things against which they can compare their actions and see progress.

Overall, the Lab Rats don’t feel passion in their current work situations and don’t see a path out of the suckiness. The resulting negativity discourages them to take care of themselves and leaves them feeling cut off even from the people who normally support them. The negative feelings extend all the way into the home life where they all feel dissatisfied with their living situations in some way or another.

In other words, there’s a general sense of failure and no idea how to break free from patterns and habits that keep them on the same path they are on now.

Lab Rat Suckiness

In each case, a lot of the trouble comes from a sense of invested time (and money). Horatio for example has already spent a good chunk of his life pursuing a career with little chance for advancement. He’s taken on work that he doesn’t like because it at least uses some of the skills he spent so much time learning.

Wendee would go back to school to fulfill her dreams of teaching but the jobs aren’t guaranteed and she worries about risking going further into debt.

Alessio’s suckiness comes down to a feeling that he’s not where he wants to be at in any part of his work or home life. He too hates his job and hates that he lives at home. This makes him irritable which then colors everything with a negative paintbrush.

Since Lizzie is a stay-at-home mom at the moment, her suckiness focuses around her homelife. It’s not as satisfying as she would like it to be, but it unsure of how to change it. Plus she feels that she’s losing her career opportunities bit by bit and so like everyone else in the group feels insecure about her abilities.

Lab Rat Awesomeness

Life isn’t all bad, however. Lizzie’s partner and in-laws offer her all the love and acceptance she could ask for – and more! – plus even though she’s living away from her beloved downtown life, she has to-die-for views from her country home and is beginning to develop a strong circle of friends.

Alessio’s girlfriend and friends support and love him, and he’s taking and doing well in courses that improve his confidence and will give them the skills he needs to move beyond his current suckiness.

Wendee also has an amazing man in her life plus a a lot of support from friends and colleauges. Even her ex-husband is pleasant! She’s socially active and very self-aware, plus prefers to look on the positive side of life and look for solutions instead of for problems.

And Horatio also has a stable relationship, decent finances and has traveled a good deal throughout his life. Plus although he social circle is small he has a few good friends with whom he does things regularly.

Measuring Progress

So, what does all this mean for the Lab Rats and their progress through the maze?

Well, let’s take a look back at their goals:

Alessio: Looking for tools to break his waiting habit.
Having pinpointed what bothers him the most – work and living situations – we can focus on finding him the tools to change the two of them.

Horatio: Hoping to find a way to put passion back into his life.
For Horatio, everything focuses around his stalled career. Knowing this he can put all his energies into making it better and let the trickle-down effect improve the rest of his life.

Lizzie: Wanting to focus her energy instead of splashing it about.
Since Lizzie’s suckiness centres on not accomplishing anything, by turning her attention to small victories in a variety of tasks, she can rebuild her confidence and narrow her interests so that she’s effectively moving forward on a number of fronts.

Wendee: Yearning for a career that satisfies and provides the income she desires.
In her list of complaints, aside from money worries, Wendee pointed out that most of her negativity deals with a sense of not having the impact on the world that she wanted and the envy that comes from seeing others succeed. By using the positivity that she shows in other areas of her life, Wendee will be able to identify ways to make the changes that will bring her the success she craves.

All four also noted that by going through these first few exercises they’ve become more aware of their lives and more aware of the day-to-day actions and choices they make. And by being more self-aware, they can make more informed choices and take more focused actions and figure out exactly what they want to do with the their lives instead of just moaning about what’s not working for them.

Next week we’ll look at the way society likes to focus on the negative and what it does to make the Lab Rats stay where they are instead of moving forward.

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Feel Divine While You Declutter

If I told you that you had too much stuff, what would you say?

Perhaps you’re nodding emphatically and yelling at the computer screen “YES! Help me!” or maybe you’re avoiding looking at the computer and thinking “Well, maybe I could get rid of a few things.”

Either way if you feel that you have too much stuff, you suffer from a variety of Someday Syndrome that I rarely talk about, but which many people suffer from.

It’s called I Might Need It Someday.

Even I suffer from it at times. You know it, I’m sure – just look around at the room you’re in right now – how much of it do you absolutely need or truly love? Anything else is extra and could go.

And when anyone suffers from this variety of Someday Syndrome, the stuff somehow makes us blind to it until it takes over our spaces and begins to affect our daily lives.

Fortunately there’s help.

And that’s where two Someday Interview subjects, Lisa Baldwin of Divine Order and the Goddess Leonie of the Goddess Guidebook, come in.

Together they’ve created an e-course called “Making Space for Your Goddess to Shine” – a six week e-course on divine decluttering & magical space clearing. By combining their skills of simplifying life and biggifying the spirit, Lisa and Leonie take you through practical and spirited ways to make your home sparkle with energy and support you. It covers a huge range of gorgeous tools & genius-shininess including:

  • decluttering gently, easily & divinely
  • using crystals, herbs, smudging and sound to cleanse your home’s energy
  • use Feng Shui to create prosperity & your dreams
  • developing and trusting your intuition
  • organizing in a super-simple “oh my goddess, it’s actually possible” kind of way
  • creating a soulful altar as a place of inspiration, connection & peace
  • clearing negative or stuck energies out of your home
  • making your home a place of comfort, inspiration and support for you

This course is perfect for anyone who worries that decluttering is a cold, emotionless process. It takes the potentially painful process of letting go of stuff and turns it into a series of lessons in person power and energy.

Take a moment to imagine how great your life will be with a streamlined and energetic space. And imagine how awesome it’ll be to bust yet one more of your Somedays.

Then go visit the Decluttering Goddess website and sign up today!

P.S. Yes, I’m an affiliate of this e-course so if you sign up to it, you’ll be helping me bust my own Someday of being self-sufficient with this blog. 😉

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Celebrate The Freak In You with Pop Music Positivity

Let’s get Anti-Boredom Month here at Someday Syndrome started off with a real BANG!

I’ve loved Macy Grey every since I heard her song I Try, but it wasn’t until her second album that I realized how much of a wonderful freak she was. Her version of pop music hasn’t been Disnified or sanitized in any way. It’s bold, it’s brash and it doesn’t matter who likes it or not.

Macy knows she’s got what it takes to succeed and knows that she’s mighty sexy while doing it.

In this song, she reminds us that what makes us special isn’t what makes us like everyone else – it’s the freaky part that “mom” wants you to hide from the rest of the world. “No way!” says Macy:

you’ve got to express what is taboo in you
and share your freak with the rest of us
cause it’s a beautiful thang

She also reminds us how to make sure our lives aren’t boring by saying:

that I got to be
to be the freak that god made me
so many thangz I want to try
got to do them before I die

So, this weekend as I’m off in Madrid celebrating Pride weekend with 2 million other people, I want you to celebrate the freak in you – what will it be?

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Starting Life Someday-Free: Bud Hennekes Interview

I love doing interviews with young people. Bud is just finishing high school and yet he has a better grasp on the whole Someday-Busting thing than many people twice his age. Of course, I felt the same way back at age 17, but I let fear block me from actually following through on any of my dreams. Reading Bud’s interview I doubt that Bud will allow himself to get blocked in the same way.

Bud Hennekes with his parentsWho: Bud Hennekes of A Boundless World
Bud is a person who’s passionate about living life to the fullest, awakening people to their true potential along the way.

Name one moment in your life when you threw a pity party for yourself and the reasons why you felt you weren’t able to achieve your goals. Were you feeling stuck? Had you felt you failed? What wasn’t working in your life?
I stopped throwing myself pity parties long ago. When I was a freshman and sophomore in high school I ran cross country for my high school team. I was the king of pity parties.

Whenever I had a bad race I would always throw myself a pity party hoping that those around would feel sorry for me. I threw pity parties but no one came.

It took a while, but I eventually realized that pity parties did more harm than good. You see when you throw pity parties for yourself, you reinforce the negative thoughts that made you feel down in the first place. Never wallow in your own mistakes, rather accept them and move on.

Too often we put way to much pressure on ourselves consequently remain miserable. There’s no rule in life saying we can’t fail. There’s no rule in life saying we can’t come up short.

When you make a mistake accept that you made a mistake. When you feel bad accept that you feel bad. Don’t continually wallow in your own shortcomings, instead embrace each and every moment you have.

Even our lowest moments fulfill a need in us or express our desires. When you threw yourself that pity party, what did you hope to gain? What need did you fulfill?
When we throw pity parties for ourselves we are often under the illusion that this will make everything better. But in reality all pity parties do is prolong the recovery time it takes to return to our optimal state.

Pity parties accomplish nothing. It’s OK to feel bad. It’s OK to feel down.

It’s not OK to continually wallow in our own shortcomings for then we allow the negative emotions to dictate our life.

Feel your emotions and let them go.

When I regularly threw pity parties for myself I hoped that someone would come along and make me feel better. The truth is the only one who can truly make you feel better is yourself. Yes friends and family can lend you support ( I don’t know where I’d be without it.) but you are in control.

You don’t need to throw a pity party to feel better. All you need is redirect your thoughts. 🙂

Tell us what you did to break up the pity party. What actions did you decide to take? Did someone help you buoy your spirits? Push you along?
Whenever I am feeling down I try to accept my feeling rather than resist them. The more you resist your emotions the stronger they become.

We will all have moments in our life when we aren’t at our best but we must learn to be able to redirect our negative thoughts into a more positive manner.

The worst thing we can do is allow your negative emotions to become a part of you. When your feeling down it is essential that you seek encouragement from your friends and family. They want to help you.

I also spend a great amount of time searching for some motivational material. When your motivated you’d be surprised at how quickly your party ends.

Can you look back on that moment and tell us how you felt when you did decide to take action? What results came about from your decision to take charge and move on?
Whenever I fee like I’m about to throw a pity party for myself I close my eyes and take several deep breathes. I ask “why am I feeling like this?” This allows me to regain some control of my emotions.

Often times we act on impulse which prolongs the time we are feeling down.

When your feeling sad or depressed slow down. Take a moment to just be. Close your eyes and take several deep breathes. Simply doing so will have a tremendous effect on your mood.

One of my favorite things to do when I’m having a bad day, is to take out a piece of paper and write down all the things I”m grateful for. I learned this method from money of the most successful individuals today.

I remember specifically one day I took out the piece of paper and I couldn’t think of ANYTHING I was grateful for, so I wrote down “I’m thankful for being able to breathe.”

This really hit me as just the gift of breathing is something to be thankful for.

Sure life is often far from perfect but when you really think about it, it’s great to be alive.

Everyone has a Someday problem hiding deep inside, even little ones. What variety of the Someday Syndrome do you currently harbor? What would you like to achieve but haven’t yet?
One of my major flaws is that I continually put off happiness. “When this is done I’ll be happy” I often say yet in reality I’m simply succumbing to the happiness illusion.

The key to being happy is to be experience the moment now. I have improved in this area tremendously over the years but I still have a ways to go. As I continue to put effort into living in the moment I have found myself to be much more happier. Happiness isn’t experienced tomorrow but rather right now.

Examining your Someday Syndrome problem, what are you currently doing to resolve it and eliminate it from your life?
Right now I’m making it my highest priority to do the things I love. All too often people fill their lives with people and things they can’t stand, then they wonder why they are miserable.

It is my belief that life is meant to be enjoyed. When I fill my days with things I love, living becomes effortless. When I choose to fill my day with things I dread life becomes a chore.

Obviously there will be things you don’t necessarily enjoy, yet it is important to make a conscious effort to keep those things to a minimum.

Many people suffer the same problems you do. You’re not alone, and neither are they. What would you tell people in your situation right now to help them avoid what you’re going through?
One of the greatest problems of today’s world is we all think we are alone. The reality is that we are all connected. I am aware that may come off as a bit new age but that is a belief I have been happy to adopt.

Too often we think that our problems are unique when in fact people have been through the exact situation you have.

When we realize that our problems are not unique it becomes easier to deal with them. If you are in a place in your life where you don’t want to be, there are people out there who want to help you. Realize that you are not alone.

Be grateful. Be happy. Time heals all pain.

If you could ask for one thing, right now, to help you overcome your Someday Syndrome, what type of help would you ask for?
I would just like to know that all the effort I’m putting in to making this world a better place will pay off. Too be honest I know without a doubt that it will, but there’s always that part in the back of your mind saying ” What if?”

While there is a chance it won’t I don’t have the time or energy to waste on playing the what if game. As long as I continue to put forth my best effort in helping humanity for the better my vision will manifest. Sure I may not know the exact path but I will reach my goals.

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How Your Style Affects Your Dreams

  • Someday Lesson: If you don’t know your style of approaching things, your Someday Journey will be significantly more difficult.

helgabj on flickr.comWhen people talk about style, they often mean fashion. Lady Gaga has a stylist. The Jonas Brothers have a stylist. You don’t need a stylist. You just need to know what your style is.

By style, I mean the way you approach work and life. Are you an outgoing person? Are you on the shy side? What drives you? Are you interested in making enough money to buy that cottage? Do you live to help others?

Knowing what type of person you are is the most important step in figuring out what you want out of life. If you don’t know how you approach life then you have no idea which path will work best for you.

Let’s take a look at how different styles affect each of the Someday Syndrome variants.

Someday My Ship Will Come In
An introvert and an extravert will seek out their dreams in different ways.

If you are an inward-focused person then when you are looking to figure out what your Someday dream is, you’ll want to ask yourself a series of questions like:

  • What activities make me happy?
  • How do I feel when I do x or y?
  • What would I call success?

On the other hand an externally-focused person then you’ll more likely look to people around you and see what they do, asking yourself:

  • What excites me about what that person is doing?
  • How would I do differently what I see?
  • How might I mix the dreams of these different people to create my own?

I’ll Get Around To It Someday
Are you motivated or inspired to do things? Motivation comes from a push, often a push of fear, while inspiration is a pull of excitement that draws you to your dreams.

Neither is better than the other – it’s simply a difference in style – but if you don’t know which influences you more, you won’t choose the right activities to get you started on fulfilling your dreams.

To figure out which is you (or if you’re a mix), take a look at your past actions to determine what got you started. If you don’t know, take some time to examine what’s going on in your brain and with your emotions when you start your next project.

I Might Need It Someday
Are you a perfectionist? You won’t start anything until you can do it perfectly.

Maybe you’re a highly active person? Sitting around 5 more minutes to organize your desk for tomorrow would kill you!

Do you not feel secure without hard copies of every electronic file? You really like the feel of paper.

When working with clients on organizing their spaces, I often ask them about their ideal work environment. What would it look like? Is it a golf course, a corner office on the 25th floor, a piece of your kitchen or a beach? If you choose the beach or golf course, you’ll likely have a difficult time ever getting your office organized – you weren’t meant to be cooped up in a single room working for hours at a time!

Always start right at the root of the issue – don’t start with “what sort of space will I live or work best in?” Ask yourself “what is the best environment for me to succeed in?” That’s the question that leads to “Who am I?” the answer to which will lead you to the best organized space for you.

As you can see, once you know your approach to life and your personal style your Someday Journey will become much smoother and the path much clearer.