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Course Changes on the Someday Journey: Reorienting Goals

  • Someday Lesson: You don’t set course on your dream once and then forget about it. It requires vigilance to stay on track.

wili_hybrid on flickr.comI haven’t been happy recently and that’s been bothering me. After all, how can I help you find happiness if I’ve lost my own? In a post on the blog last week, I asked my Lab Rats six questions. I decided that since I haven’t been as happy as I could be, I would answer the questions myself.

  1. What are you not doing even though you feel you should want it?
  2. Where do you claim to want something but then let fear stop you?
  3. What aren’t you tackling because it’s too much work?
  4. Are you actively engaged or on autopilot?
  5. How many projects do you have on the go at any one time? How good are you at prioritizing them?
  6. Where are you choosing safe over happy?

If you’ve ever read the About page on Someday Syndrome or read either of my ebooks, you will have learned a bit about my life before coming to Spain. Ever since I was 12 years old I have wanted to write and yet for years I avoided this dream, taking detours in many different directions.

In 2006, I decided to stop taking detours and get on with writing. But then I got started with Someday Syndrome and it excited me. I loved the idea of it and I loved the idea of helping people and earning a living doing so.

However, as the work behind the business began to increase, it took more and more of my energy and focus away from my fiction writing.

Starting a small business is time consuming – hugely so. I’ve recently increased my fiction writing to 3 hours a day at least 4 days a week. That, plus my part time teaching, did not leave much time to focus on the small business while still having a balanced life.

When I stepped back to look at my life objectively I realized that if I was to prioritize the things I do the order came out: writing, Raúl, teaching English, Someday Syndrome. And when things aren’t going well, it’s usually the fault of whatever’s on the bottom of the list.

Someday Syndrome is insidious – it’s no good to chart your course and then let the boat pilot itself. Crossing the Someday Sea requires vigilance and regular course changes.

For me, scaling back the business is one of those course changes. I’m on the verge of letting it become yet another detour away from my writing dreams and I refuse to let that happen again.

So what does this mean for you?

Newsletter subscribers will still receive the semi-monthly Someday News, but the blog will go more or less inactive and instead of offering a full range of services, I will provide a limited number of Skype-based sessions (and email support) each month as well as the popular ebooks.

If you really want a Someday fix in between newsletters you will also be able find me on the following blogs each month:

And now for you – what course changes do you need to make to get yourself back on track? What answers do you have to the six questions above?

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Stop Saying “Someday” to Your Dreams

Y on flickr.comIn my first ebook Someday My Ship Will Come In, I talk a lot about being aware of life and not getting too comfortable with things. And because I practice what I preach, I regularly review not just my life, but my Someday Syndrome Cure products.

Circumstances change and I learn new things (thanks to my awesome clients who give me amazing feedback!).

I could sit back on my heels and just leave my Someday Syndrome Cure products as they are – after all they’re rock-on good and offer fantastic value exactly as they are.

But that would be turning on the autopilot and choosing the comfortable road.

Two things I will not do, especially when it comes to your Somedays.

So, what does that all mean?

Well, I’ve decided that when I publicly launch my next ebook – I’ll Get Around To It Someday – at the end of the month (newsletter subscribers already got a crack at downloading it earlier this week), I will be taking the first one off the market to update and expand it.

So that means you have exactly 13 days to download a copy of Someday My Ship Will Come In before it disappears for a while. Also because I plan on expanding it, the price will go up when I relaunch it. Not by much, but it will increase.

Therefore if you’ve been procrastinating about figuring out your dreams and diving into living the life you want instead of a life on autopilot or a life of “should” then choose to stop procrastinating about you dreams and download a copy of Someday My Ship Will Come In today at the about-to-disappear price of $24.95.

Plus! (Yes, of course there’s a plus)

I know you – in fact I used to be exactly like you. I would buy a book and then let it sit, ignoring it and basically wasting the money I just spent on it. I’m certain that one of the reasons you’re hesitating about buying the ebook and making your dreams come true is that you’re not sure you’ll actually get around to doing anything about it.

But think of the awesome changes that could happen if you did! Just take a look at the progress the Lab Rats made going through the ebook.

You want that, don’t you?

It’s about accountability and feedback. The Lab Rats had to get their exercises done because the world was waiting to read what they had to say.

Unfortunately I can’t offer the free Lab Rat experience to everyone, but I can offer the same sort of accountability through a Guided Tour of the ebook.

A guided what?

Through email-based conversations you and I work through the ebook, you doing the exercises and me providing feedback and customize-designed questions that will help you expand the ebook and make a better and more complete change in your life.

And the cost?

Only $199 US for nine weeks of email-based coaching.

That’s right. For just my newsletter subscribers, I’m offering nine whole weeks of coaching for what I would normally charge for one month and half of guided tour email-coaching. That’s a nearly 40% discount.

So, if you want to find your dream and begin your Someday Journey, you won’t want to miss this offer.

As I said, when I launch the next ebook based on kicking the procrastination habit, I’ll be taking this first one off the market to update it.

That means you have less than two weeks to take advantage of my assistance in finding and following your dreams. (Of course you could always hire me with through my regular Someday Coaching Services but they don’t come with such a great discount).

Buy Now

All you need to do is click this button
and order your Guided Tour today!

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Creating Space for Your Dreams

  • Someday Lesson: If your physical space is chaotic, how can you possible expect to find the clear path through to your dreams?

Organizing Connection: Turn cluttered nightmares into sweet dreamsAs we come to the end of Self-Improvement month, I have a question for you.

How’s your physical clutter?

Normally on Someday Syndrome we deal with emotional and mental clutter, but occasionally I like to take a look at the physical blocks to our dreams. And taking that literally I want to know: how’s your bedroom?

Can you see the floor? Do your clothes pile up on chairs and in baskets but never seem to make it into closets and drawers? Do you have clothes you’ve bought but have yet to wear?

What about non-bedroom stuff – books, toys, newspapers, stuff for work?

Our inner and outer worlds are highly linked. If you have a disorderly and chaotic bedroom, how can you expect to have a calm sleep? And if you can’t have that calm sleep your emotional and mental clutter will build and build until you’re just getting by each day.

We store our dreams in our bedrooms. Think about that moment just before you fall asleep or just before you wake up each day, when everything is full of possibility. Are you stressed or do you greet sleep and waking with enthusiasm? If you go to bed and wake up stressed, there’s a good chance that stress has a physical cause.

Fortunately it’s an easy and inexpensive fix!

Last year, I had the privilege of writing the scripts for a series of organizing videos and worksheets put together by Kim Eagles and Elaine Shannon of The Organizing Connection and this month they’ve just released Organizing The Bedroom: From Cluttered Nightmares to Sweet Dreams.

If you know deep in your heart that this is the day to take back control of your home, become more organized, and live the life of your choice and not one where you just ‘survive’ each day, then you’re going to want the CLUTTER CODE Six Step Organizing System™ available exclusively from Organizing Connection. To get you started the #1 Secret to Organizing your Closet will be revealed, a secret that will change how you think about your closet.

Usually I don’t recommend people looking to get organized to go buy organizing tools like books because they often just become clutter themselves. However, this tool by the incredibly dynamic dual includes a funny and information-packed video that includes – yes seriously – the Closet Hokey Pokey! So you don’t just read about organizing – you get to see it happen and get the tools to do so step by step.

In the From Cluttered Nightmares to Sweet Dreams video you will learn:

  1. How the #1 Secret to organizing your closet can help with the whole room.
  2. How you can break this mountain of a job into bite sized pieces.
  3. How to do the aforementioned Closet Hokey Pokey, a fun way to remember how to maintain the closet organization.
  4. Some end of the day strategies that will save valuable time in the morning.
  5. The emotional side of organizing, including how to let go – using hangers!

Plus you will receive the special companion ebook to help give you more concrete steps to conquering the bedroom and closet clutter! In this ebook you will learn more about…

  1. Paying it forward: how the clutter in your closets could be someone’s survival
  2. Organizing through transitions: what do you do when a new baby arrives or the season changes.
  3. Feng Shui and why the bed placement is so important

And to keep you on track, there are 11 pages of worksheets that can guide you every step of the way. Once you see how far you’ve progressed from having a bedroom that resembles the floor after a department store sale to one that is totally organized, completely functional AND a joy to be in, you’ll want to keep this room from ever lapsing into chaotic clutterland again

All for only $29.99 USD. That’s like a fraction of the hourly cost of having an organizer on site with you – and you get to watch it over and over until the principles explained in the video become second nature for you.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the bonuses that you get with the video and worksheets, including something from Someday Syndrome (your own personal Dream Factory).

So, what are you waiting for? Go visit Organizing Connection and start freeing up the space to dream and dream big!

P.S. Yes, I am an affiliate of this product, so if you buy it you will help me bust some of my own (financial) Somedays.

P.P.S. Speaking of following dreams, I recently had a short story published on the website Aurora Wolf. The story is called A Home Invasion and is a humorous look at what happens when a collective of pixies decide they want to help.

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For Better and For Worse: The Lab Rats Blow Up Their Dreams (Part 2)

  • Someday Lesson: Your dreams don’t exist in a vacuum – you have to consider the people you share your life with.

(Last week we looked at the extreme dreams of Lizzie and Alessio and what they were willing to do to change in their lives or in their dreams to make the two match up. This week, we look at what Wendee and Horatio decided.)

Evil Erin on Flickr.comAs I said last week, when I was deciding where I wanted to live, if I wanted to stay with my boyfriend, I needed to consider his situation and choices. Even now two years into living with him, although I have itchy feet and think about creating a life that involves living in a variety of places, my desire to be with my boyfriend is stronger than my wanderlust so I adapt my dream and stay where I am.

Sometimes the dream is stronger than the connections to others and we leave. This happens often with family. For example I know my mother would be happier having me near her in Ontario rather than across the ocean, but my desire to live in Europe is stronger in the instance, so here I am.

There’s another reason for doing this dream-big-consider-limits exercise. In reading Richard Wiseman’s 59 Seconds (yes, I’m talking a lot about the book, but it’s just packed with information), he talks about a series of experiments that showed the best type of visualization about the future combines thinking about the best possible outcome then immediately considering possible obstacles and limits.

The experiments showed that people who held the two opposing thoughts in their mind at the same time (a type of doublethink) were much more likely to achieve their dreams than people who only focused on the positive outcome or only on the obstacles and limits.

So, let’s see what Horatio and Wendee came up with by engaging in a little doublethink:


In his extreme dream, Horatio sees himself living in a gorgeous flat with fulfilling challenging and sometimes even difficult work a thirty minute walk from him. His work involves solving problems for others using mathematics and molecules. He travels a lot and gets invites to visit colleagues around the world.

He doesn’t mention where the flat and the job are, however, but that missing bit of information gets explained when you look at his limitations, which mainly focus around his girlfriend. He notes as a limitation that he has “a relationship to maintain.” That may seem cold, but it’s not.

It’s the truth, plain and simple.

He would like to consider moving to a different part of the world to pursue his work and the apartment of his dreams, but the reality is that he’s emotionally attached to someone who enjoys working and so any move would involve a huge change on her part as well.

So what has Horatio chosen to do? He’s decided that he won’t make any rash decisions and that before anything, he will research options that will benefit both of them. He will explore other locations where both of them could work and he will plan things out slowly so that his girlfriend has time to adapt to the idea of a major change.


Something fascinating showed up in Wendee’s extreme dream that I haven’t seen before. She’s talked a lot about teaching others about art and how much she loves teaching, but the idea of selling her own artwork has been a minor theme, if she remembers to mention it at all.

However, in her extreme dream her artwork appears to be a major income source for her. The reason for its exclusion earlier shows up in her limitations one of which is the belief that fine art is not a “good” way of earning a living.

I think in this exclusion we might have found what is really blocking Wendee from getting rid of so many of her Somedays. She would love to produce art for a living, but feels that it’s not a proper career so focuses on teaching, on volunteering and on projects that skirt around the idea of earning from fine art.

So what stops her? Fear of not being an equal provider in her relationship and of not being able to support herself if necessary. Having been divorced once and having to start over from scratch, Wendee doesn’t want to be in the same position again, so looks to ways to support herself with “proper” work.

Unfortunately as I found out with my own desire to live my life producing art, no matter what I did to avoid this desire, it kept coming up and I kept sabotaging things that took me in other directions. When I acknowledged this dream, suddenly a world of possibilities opened up as ways for me to earn a living while pursuing my dream.

But it took acknowledging my real dream before I was able to move forward.

I may be mistaken in reading into Wendee’s exercises that fine art as a primary source of income is Wendee’s true dream, but there’s something that’s been blocking Wendee and this might just be it.

Measuring Progress

After his breakthrough moment a few weeks ago Horatio’s progress has settled into a steady forward motion. He continues to look for new work and he’s refining exactly what he wants from his future, including what he can do now to make that future come more quickly and with less struggle.

As for Wendee, I think this week includes her breakthrough moment even though she might not have been aware of it. If indeed producing fine art is her true Someday dream, then acknowledging it will make figuring out the rest of her life that much easier.

At this point, I’d suggest Wendee does a quick review of prior exercises to see how the new dream might change her answers and send her off in a new direction.

And if the fine art thing is not her true dream, then in the worksheets she sent in this week she identified a very workable to-do list of things that she wants to change about her current reality, each of which is realistic and measurable. Either way Wendee has made some great progress with this series of exercises.

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Going Big then Getting Real: The Lab Rats Blow Up Their Dreams (Part 1)

  • Someday Lesson: It’s good to reach for the sky, but without a link to the ground, dreams will fly away without you.

(There’s a lot to cover in this chapter, so I’ve divided it into two parts – this week we look at the progress for Lizzie and Alessio and next week Wendee and Horatio are up.)

.Larry Page on flickr.comI’ve talked before about keeping dreams realistic and if you’ve been following this blog for any length at time at all you know that I’m not a big fan of visualization (it encourages living in the future and discourages action in the moment) but in this chapter of the Someday My Ship Will Come In ebook, the Lab Rats got to dream and dream big.

I wanted to make sure that they were dreaming big enough before we get started on putting their dreams into action. Most people dream smaller than what’s actually possible. To discover our true passions, we need to push our dreams to the utmost and discover their limits. Then we need to turn around and look in the other direction and focus on the things in our lives that will hinder our dreams – our context, our reality.

For example, my Spanish dream included living in a perpetually sunny part of the country, but then I fell in love with a man who lived in the wet north so I had a choice of altering my dream or changing reality. I didn’t want to change reality (I’m thrilled to be in love) so I changed my dream and settled in northern Spain where I put up with the near constant winter rain.

Let’s take a look at the pushing-it-to-the-extreme dreams of the Lab Rats and follow up each extreme dream with a reality check.


Lizzie decided that the her dream didn’t need to change much (another indication that she’s close to achieving it) but that if she had the chance to do whatever she wanted, she’d add to the dream a better house with more space inside and out (for a music studio and horses), a part-time job as a faculty member at a university with clients twice a week in the city, and a self-help book published with lots of media attention. Plus she’d be fluent in five languages.

Blocking these added dreams are a commitment to staying put for the sake of her daughter (stability while growing up), a mother who is emotionally up and down a lot, an uncertainty as to how hard she wants to work to achieve the work goals and the publishing contract, and problems sleeping and therefore having lots of energy during the day to get everything done.

In terms of what she might change, she’s added sprucing up the house to get it ready to put on the market if she discovers her dream house, will make some contacts at the university and convert some websurfing time into Italian study time.


Instead of adding to his dreams, Alessio expanded the scope of them. Instead of just being a successful web designer, he would love to become an international renowned designer with a wildly successful blog and a popular results-driven web design course.

After looking at his life, he’s realized that he has no limitations. His family encourages him to pursue his dreams, his girlfriend will be finished her studies in a few years and is eager to travel as well. He’s building up the financial base to start his career as well as preparing himself mentally to accept the need for heavy startup investment. Plus he’s very healthy and has recently started (and fallen in love with) yoga.

In other words, there is nothing to stop Alessio from achieving exactly what he wants.

Measuring Progress

The further along we get in the ebook, the more Lizzie’s situation becomes clear that she mostly has what she wants and it’s just little things that hold her back from getting it all (like some weight loss and reestablishing the connections she needs to so that she can get back to working).

Earlier I noted that Alessio is making slow progress with no big breakthroughs, but I think this week we can safely say that he achieved that breakthrough. He’s on the right path and now just needs dedication and patience to continue.

And luckily for him, the last three chapters of the Someday My Ship Will Come In ebook focus on action and maintaining momentum they have both created.

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Dreaming of the Future: The Lab Rats Set Goals

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland the Cheshire Cat’s conversation with Alice sums up the need for a clear purpose when it comes to dreams, so I’ll let the conversation (started by Alice) lead off this post…

‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’
‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ said the Cat.
‘I don’t much care where–‘ said Alice.
‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ said the Cat.
‘–so long as I get SOMEWHERE,’ Alice added as an explanation.
‘Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, ‘if you only walk long enough.’

Lab Rat Dreams

Y on flickr.comThis week, after exploring all the possible reasons why their lives aren’t working for them now and what might stop them from reaching their dreams, I asked the Lab Rats to explore possible somewheres and I was thrilled with the results. Not only did each one come up with a great list of possibilities, but they were all able to apply a reality-check filter on each of the dreams and then come up with a clear idea of what they want out of life.

Here’s what they each came up with. And since everyone has their own way of expressing themselves they all came up with a different way to express their dreams.


  • Live in an open space, with a porch looking out, garden in back
  • Live near a large body of water
  • Work involves a good deal of creative writing and visual creativity
  • Work in an environment where my skills are recognized and utilized, and where my energies can be focused and are acknowledged
  • Have ample free time (at home) to make healthy activity (hikes) and creativity (writing and art) a significant part of my everyday life
  • Earn a living to be able to travel (domestic US, National Parks, Hawaii) as we want to and to be able to provide for ourselves what we need, and to be able to splurge with much less guilt!
  • Have enough saved so that we know we can continue to live our lives this way


  • Travel: Travel overseas at least twice a year, eventually settling in Buenos Aires.
  • Blog: Author/Run successful technology, self improvement, travel and design blogs.
  • Web Design: Be a successful web designer, working from my laptop, anywhere in the world.
  • Be Rich: My successful web design business and blogs provide a highly substantial income for me.
  • Location Independent: Due to the nature of my web design and blogging businesses, I am able to work anywhere in the world from the convenience of my laptop.


  • I run a lab of eager junior scientists doing diverse and interesting work
  • I am called on regularly as an expert to talk in public or at conferences
  • Work has taken to many different cities around the world and on regular breaks I travel to more remote locations
  • I can take pride in the tangible benefits my work (and life) has had – it had actually made people’s lives better
  • My books have been well reviewed and I receive letters thanking me for them


It’s a weekday, May of 2010. I have breakfast with my daughter on the screened in porch (we have muffins that we made together earlier in the week and homemade yogurt with blueberries) before sending her to kindergarten by bus. I then head to the gym for a spin class.

Come home and shower. Check email and give the okay for a couple of friends to come over and have coffee. They are both writers, and we sit on the porch for a couple of hours writing on our laptops, me also day trading and occasionally chatting. Our little writers’ group, as we’ve discovered that we’re all more productive without the chance to jump up and do housey things.

A companionable lunch at home with my partner–each of us reading our own papers, but sharing interesting stories. After lunch I answer email to set up the work that I will do later in the week in the city, to arrange dinner with friends there, and to see what stores are having good sales.

Also make arrangements for a trip to the Vineyard in a couple of weeks–I’ll go out with my best friend and we’ll spend three days getting the new house in order for the people who’re renting for June and July but also having a girls’ weekend of drinks and talk and trashy movies.

Do some work in the yard so the garden is ready to go once the freeze time is past. Pick up my daughter at school because it’s the day when we both ride at a friend’s stable. Stop by my Mom’s to say hello. Home for practicing for me and homework for my daughter.

Then cocktails with my partner (and my daughter’s 30 minutes of daily TV) and a lovely dinner fixed on the grill. Early to bed if not necessarily early to sleep…

Money Issues

You’ll notice that in each one, there’s a predominant theme of freedom from money worries. Everyone wants enough income to allow them to do what they want and not have to spend a lot of time each day to earn that money.

Everyone will have their own path to that financial freedom, but in each case it’s not going to happen tomorrow. Getting rich is never quick; even moderately well-off requires a lot of work.

Lizzie is the only one who put a timeframe to her dream – and it’s also the most fleshed out and visual. Given that Lizzie has most of the financial pieces of her dream nearly in place, the less-than-a-year deadline could very well be doable. Plus as Lizzie knows she’s a procrastinator having a fixed deadline like this might stimulate her enough to get moving.

Alessio is taking a course that will lead him to his dreams and once he’s finished the course it will just be a matter of following the steps and apply the skills he will have learned in the course and developed on his own through programs such as this one.

Horatio has already taken a huge step on the road to a new life – he has quit his job! Rather than letting the biggest obstacle in his life continue to block him from moving forward, he’s handed in his resignation and is willing to face unemployment. Already his energy has changed and suddenly things seem much more possible, including possibilities of finding a better position. Now that he’s not operating from a negative worldview and has a clear idea of what he wants, he can go get it. Way to go Horatio!

If you remember from past weeks, Wendee’s major challenge centers around wanting to teach but feeling blocked by the lack of the right qualifications. And although she would rather teach in just one school and not many across a wide region, she has been offered more than one class at a couple of locations, which is a step in the right direction.

Plus she’s found the Masters program she wants and has considered taking a part time retail job to help pay for this qualification that will get her to where she wants to go, but isn’t sure that the most obvious route is the one she wants to take.

In other words, Wendee has a clear idea of what she wants, but isn’t sure the route she sees is one that will make her happy in the long run. Fortunately we’ll be covering more on the steps between here and there in the weeks to come.

Measuring Progress

This has been a breakthrough week for almost everyone.

Alessio has been moving forward at a steady pace, each week revealing a bit more of the best path for him. No big revelations, but to achieve progress they aren’t always needed. Often slow and steady works best.

Lizzie told me that after writing out her perfect day, she realized that she is more or less there and maybe just needs to pay more attention to the present and appreciate each day as it passes.

Wendee’s frustrated by what comes across as negativity – she’s normally a very positive person and the seeming lack of options really irritates her. And although the negativity causes pain in the moment, for a normally positive feeling negative reaches a limit where they (I should say we, because I’m one of these people) say “Enough” and make the tough decisions that they (we) have been delaying for whatever reasons. So hold on just a bit longer, Wendee!

Of course the biggest change was Horatio! After several weeks of focusing on the different parts of his life, he realized that his negative work situation was blocking everything else. Here’s what he has to say about quitting:

I’ve been working a job for the last couple of years that I took “just to tide me over until something better shows up”. It’s not been all bad, but it doesn’t use my skills fully, it’s leading nowhere, it’s underpaid, and is managed from above abhorrently (constantly shifting objectives, under-resourced, active obstruction from other staff with conflicting interests). Having come to the belated realization that are worse things than unemployment, there’s a reasonable amount of work around, my finances are in good shape, and I’ve got plenty of things to use my time on, it’s time for a decision. So I quit.

I didn’t throw a tantrum but executed a dignified exit, saying I couldn’t work there any longer under the current conditions and so was moving on. It’s probably symptomatic of my situation that several people tried to talk me out of it by fiat (“You can’t do that!”) or flattery (“But you’re so valuable to us!”) without any actual promise of fixing things. Another symptom would that, even after being told, several colleagues ignored it and kept handing me work to be done in the months ahead. These are all signs that I should have quit ages ago.

So I have a few weeks of wrapping everything up and handing it off to other staff. I left open the possibility of returning at some point in the future but only under vastly different circumstances. Already, I’ve attended one interview and have a few promising on the horizon (all at nearly double the pay, which makes me feel like a mug). Fingers crossed.

Yay Horatio!

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Become a Nomad with the Location Independent Business Course

The Location Independent Business CourseAs a small business person, I never say no to new clients – unless I recognize that they’d be better served by someone else. I’m not about to take someone’s money if I know of a service or product that will give them what they need as if it was designed specifically for them.

And that’s exactly what I did last month with someone who took advantage of the two complimentary email-based coaching sessions I offer. I always start the process off with an email interview. When I saw this person’s answers I immediately thought: she doesn’t need me. She needs the Location Independent Business Course.

Why did I turn away potential business and send it somewhere else?

Because she knew exactly what she wanted but was just lacking the process of how to do it. In her own words, she said:

I would like to travel the world, not as a tourist, but as someone self employed who can live in each country for a matter of months, get to know the culture, broaden my mind, and explore the variety of life earth creates.

I could probably hand Lea and Jonathan this sentence as a description of their ideal client and save them a lot of work.

I learned in my first business as a Professional Organizer that saying no to a client sometimes is the best thing for the client, for you and for your business. For example, as a Professional Organizer I didn’t work with people who had ADHD – so I would refer them to someone who did.

The clients would thank me for matching them up with the right person, the other Professional Organizer would thank me for the business (and usually give me a referral fee of some sort), and I wouldn’t put myself and the client in a situation in which neither of us would benefit just for the sake of the client’s money going into my bank account.

So, what’s so great about the Location Independent Business Course that I’d send business away from me over there?

Well, for one it’s their specialty. The only thing they do is help people set up a location independent business. And they do it in a series of six modules that cover:

  1. The idea for the business including ways to determine if your ideas are profitable.
  2. The strategy for building the business including a one-page business plan (something I recommend to my own clients)
  3. How to get set up no matter where you are in the world including the five “must-have” tools to run a successful location independent business
  4. How to market globally instead of locally including getting into the minds of your customers
  5. What you need to automate your systems making it easy to remove yourself from as many of the processes as possible, and
  6. What you need to travel from place to place in terms of visas, health documents and business best practices.

As you saw in Monday’s Someday Interview with Lea Woodward of Location Independent, she’s lived it. She’s traveled the world while working with her husband. They’ve made the mistakes that cost them lots of money that you can avoid spending by taking their course.

So, if the Someday you’ve been putting off is packing up and traveling the world (or country) while earning a living, I’d highly recommend you check out Lea and Jonathan’s website and especially their Business Course – it could be just what you need to bust that Someday.

P.S. Yes, I am an affiliate of Location Independent so if you sign up for their course you’re helping me build the business that helps others bust their own Somedays.

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